Published on June 21, 2020 (Updated on July 23, 2022)

Parkour Master Remastered v2 | 1.19 Support!

The most difficult parkour for Minecraft PE / BE returns, Face or challenge your friends or family to spend all the parkour without crying and more, only one winner will pass THE COMPLETE PARKOUR


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Parkour Masters | Remastered • Patch notes v2  

Parkour Masters now has 1.19 support!

New Content
New items in the Shop! 
- Fishing Rod - Costs: 3 Wins 
- Death Potion - Costs: 10 Wins 

= New loading sign in the parkour

Bug Fixes 
= Fixed a bug where when you wanted to start a game the game wouldn't start or even crash MC 
= Fixed a bug in the store when you wanted to buy an item it said "Need Money" instead of "Need Points" the same thing happened with the wins and it was changed to "Need Wins" 
= Fixed a bug where the system to add more players would not work and would get stuck 
= Fixed trees with 3D leaves in the lobby 
= Fixed a bug where when you reached the end and finished parkour the game couldn't be started again 
= Fixed a bug where the start game button would not be removed, causing fatal errors 
= Fixed a bug with unicodes where the number 3 had a blue line


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looks good, but it wont import oh well sucks to be me lmao
It's very maps
very good map
Really good job! The texture pack is clean, the parkour is simple yet challenging, and your always updating the map. I really like how you used a custom texture pack, it makes the map more original. ?
Why did you steal textures from me?
Tell me what textures I stole because I don't know what package you are talking about
I directly compared the mushrooms to be sure, my pack is Tales of Gaia and I found them to be identical, please do not steal from anyone it will not benefit you, it also seems to look like you took the dirt from Ralphs Default
wow very good map .... can i play it and share it on youtube?
Uhhh how did you get glowing obsidian
I did a speed run of this on my channel
Channel is Kritical
This map was great! Not annoyingly hard, was overall pretty easy, and fun to play. The aesthetics/themes for each level we’re really good and yeah. 5/5 for me.
its ok. but its: english, not inglish
i love this map :D
what are the shaders?. My inglish is so bad,sorry :/
esbe 2g ty
No they fishy's shaders, that dude wrong