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Published on February 23, 2021 (Updated on March 07, 2021)

Minecraft Additions

Minecraft additions adds new biomes . New ores .  New block varients  of already existing blocks . some new blocks. New food and consumables  And Some of the feature are missing from minecraft have been added and more planned to be added in the future.

The addon has added a few biomes so far         

The cherry blossom forest

The Autumn forest

The void ocean

Flooded Plains

Ash forset

The ash valley

The dunes

A few new ores were also added such as

The fossil ores


Fossil ores can be found underground and drop food and wood.

Soul crystal ore

soul crystal ore can be found anywhere underground and in the nether and lights up the area

They can also drop soul crystal  which gives you night vision if eaten. Glow crystal shards can craft a glow crystal cluster.

Which can only be placed on stone varitents at the moment.

Aquamarine and limestone

Limestone is a new sandstone varient found under oceans and rivers. While aquamarine is only found under oceans and can be turned into prismarine

Disk ore

This ore will drop disks parts  which will help you create a time disk which can then be turned into a block if you put iron around it . The block will tell you the backstory of the addon.

 dimension ore variety 

 ash diamonds

Ash diamonds can only be found under Ashys wastelands


Debris can be found in 2 varients . Ocean and desert. They drop random items. ocean debris can drop Titanium. Which is the only way to find it.

Steel and dragon steel

They have no use at the moment


Titanium has also no use at the moment but will soon! 


Crystal foxes 

Crystal foxes spawn in the warmped forset inside the nether.

They can be tamed with glow crystal shards and will follow and fight for the owner just wolfs.

Nether wolf

Nether wolfs can be found all around the nether and is hostile to the player


Steve will spawn in any biomes rarely and can have good trades.


Herobrine is a spawnble boss that has 800 health. He can also be found rarely in the world 


Monster is a a steve like creature that will attack the player


Alex is a new npc that can be tamed with a golden apple. She will help the player fight.

more extra things:

Quartz brick expansion

In vanilla . Quartz bricks dont have any block varient but in this addon they have stairs and slabs.

Cherry wood

With the addition of cherry trees there is also a cherry wood type which have logs stairs slabs and planks.

Full grass block

A full grass block can be crafted by putting a grass block and grass around it in a crafting table.

Chorus planks

Chorus planks can be crafted from 4 chorus fruits.

Crafting guide:

There will be more coming to this addon when it gets updated so this isnt the final version of it. 

Youtube related things:

You are allowed to play with the addon and dont really have to credit me but if you do it would be greatly appreciated.


I made a discord and you can join it to help me make the addon

Select version for changelog:


- Dunes biome

- vampire slayer

- Vampire npc

- Alex

- debris

- Titanium 

- Steel and dragon steel

- A few texture changes


If there is a bug with the installation please tell me

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Hello this is an amazing add-on keep up the great work, the biomes are super cool and can you pls add some mobs to the add-on but keep the asthetic of the game? And if you cant that is totally fine.
P.S. what is the name of the texture of your hotbar in the 12th picture
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I tried using the second link but when I imported it into the game it said "failed to load"
So now I'm tryna use the zip file link, but I just don't know if I need to extract the zio file into minecraft resource packs or into the behaviour packs?
Thanks for reading btw ❤
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Could you add sprouts from the trees?
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I wanna get this,, but is the link safe?
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Most if not all addon links are safe but some take you to websites with tons of spam porn
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just open your eyes and dont click on sketchy ads and you should be fine
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yes it is, i just downloaded it, and both of the file downloads are instant download type .mcpack files
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It should be safe- But am happy someone wants to get it :3
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