Published on July 20, 2023 (Updated on October 03, 2023)

Minecraft Clash Royale (Map & Addon) V4 Updated

HEY! Would you like to play Clash Royale in Minecraft? To bring the Experience from Clash Royale into Minecraft? Well this Map is exactly what you find through! You can play this Map Single or Multiplayer! Bring your friends to play this Map and have fun Battling each others Arena! Use Cards and Deploy whichever path you wanna spawn it and you also must play it fairly!

Map and Addon was inspired to Clash Royale

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Map Updated

  • New Event! (Goblin Wizard Card Event)

Goblin Wizard - A normal goblin that turns into Wizard! Ranged troop that throw splash area damage Gold Coin!

Type: Ground Troop

Attack Targets: Ground Troop

  • Unlocked New Arena (Electro Valley)

V4 Addon Updates

  • Added new 9 cards!
  • New Spell Card! (Rage, Poison, Zap, Earthquake, Freeze
  • 3 Cards is back! (Valkyrie, Lumberjack, Magic Archer)
  • New Model Changes (Knight, Valkyrie, Magic Archer)
  • Bug Fixes


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The entity's visuals & sound are amazing. You put so much effort into a good variety of troops. Unfortunately it looks like the entity behavior is too simple and immature, so features are often unnecessary etc. (like grave spinning, random strolling). Weaker hardware doesn't like that XD.

This could be subject for updates.
It probably means mostly removal of json content, I don't think they need complex behavior. After all, if you're familiar with it, behavior requires far less time than the visuals you already did!

Your work doesn't look like it's just one smaller project among others for you. I like how you posted Add-on with map which offers great potential to build a bigger game (if you have the time & motivation XD)!