Published on August 13, 2023 (Updated on November 13, 2023)

Minecraft clear water for 1.20+ (Render Dragon)

This texture pack adds clear water textures in the game, which are more transparent(clear), with better texture and reduced fog. It has 3 type of water. Making it the best clear water resource pack out there. the water will look very clear now, you could see most of the underwater from outside!

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  • Changed Bubble's texture and made then very high quality.
  • Changed Splash Particles.
  • Changed texture again(not much difference)
  • Fixed Download links


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Can you tell me 3 files "water 1" "water 2" "water 3" correspond to which type of water?
the pack only change the texture of water block
The cleaness you see in the picture is just using night vision potion
Maybe you should do some fact checks before commenting. Did you even check the file or did you even use it?
Nice job dude works great :) Cloud you make a texture pack for redstone and stuff like that please it would really be nice to have a pack for that. Keep up the good work ;)
Since you said then I will definitely make it :)