Minecraft Earth Mobs Add-on

Adds the mobs variants from Minecraft Earth

Each mob has its peculiarity that makes it a little different from the others in addition to its physical appearance

the textures will be improved in the future (when I have Minecraft Earth and can take better images)

This Add-on will also be updated with each new mob that will be announced in the future for Minecraft Earth

If you want to give ideas of what things put in the add-on or report an error you can do it here or in my twitter: @YSchatton


      • Spawn in the flower forest 
      • select it with shears will give you yellow flowers


      • Spawn in the Mushroom Island at the night 
      • give red mushrooms instead of eggs 

      Muddy Pig

      • Same spawns as pigs
      • select them with the water bucket cleans them (this is not reversible)
      • riddeables

      Ender Cat

      (Not oficial name)

      I didn’t want this to be just a ‘simple cat’, so I was guided by theories and turned it into a Ender Cat, This could change in the future.

      • Spawns in the End
      • Breedable, tamable and heal it with Chorus Fruit
      • Teleports Randomly


      Supported Minecraft versions


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      40 Responses

      4.71 / 5 (21 vote)
      1. Guest-6781111433 says:

        Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
        Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of 2, 000 emeralds.
        In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
        (emeralds are freely available, and people can get at least 500 emeralds per week.)

      2. Anonymous says:

        The clean pig should be able to be given dirt and be dirty

      3. DrVibeCheck says:

        Have u seen on minecraft reddit there is a post about new mce mobs which include horned sheep, wooly cow, jumbo rabbit

      4. bruh moment says:

        the ender cat should be renamed to schrödinger

      5. michael says:

        the ender cat can’t be seen sitting

      6. MathKookie129 says:

        This add-on is really good ‘coz it doesn’t replace any type of mob, I just have only one problem, when I put too many add-ons, resources packs, and behavior packs in my Minecraft World, the Moobloom and Cluckshroom had a glitch in their appearances, their skin changes and had a bug, especially when I apply the Bedrock AI Add-On ( and Minecraft Earth Mobs Add-on at the same time, it seems to change their color and glitch then sometimes crashes… Can you please fix Moobloom and Cluckshroom, I reallt want them ‘coz they’re so cute and cool but suddenly I apply other resource paks OR the Bedrock add-on thing I said, something will happen, believe me or if you really don’t get me, try applying “Bedrock AI Add-on”: and this add-on at the same world and you’ll see. 😌😁

      7. MathKookie129 says:

        Can you also have the 1.14 Mobs (Monster of the Night Skies Batch) Add-on?

      8. Unknown says:

        First of all I think this pack is amazing but I do have some suggestions. Could you possibly add mud/bucket of mud to the game and could you add the ui for the pig too were it jumps into the mud splash’s around and then turns into the muddy pig, could you also make the new moobloom mob spawn buttercups where ever it goes like it does on Minecraft Earth and could you please add the dandelion back and make the buttercup a whole new flower. Anyway great addon thanks

      9. Unknown says:

        First of all this is amazing but I have a few suggestions. could you possibly add mud (mud in a bucket) to the game as well as the ui for the pig with mud how it jumps in and turns into the muddy pig, could you also make mooblooms spawn buttercups where ever they walk like they do in Minecraft earth and add the dandelion back and make the buttercup a whole new flower. Anyway great addon thanks

      10. Riley says:

        This is legit amazing.

      11. AustinW2020 says:

        Hey I was wondering if you can like maybe add like a dragon like mobs like enderdragon cat with a normal regular end cat there needs to be some more push into the game that adds more dragon creatures

        • TheGuyWhoActuallyHasBrains says:

          You do realize this is about minecraft earth mobs and not just random creations the creator of this addon made up?

      12. Zhenbo Lin says:

        Hey I liked your add on! I just have a suggestion, could you actually make a bucket of mud like in the actual game. And I also suggest the cluckshroom and Moobloom actually leave a trail. 🙂

      13. person says:

        This is so good

      14. UnknownMan says:

        Dude great mod and no shitty links to the download! The Best!!!

      15. UnknownMan says:

        Dude great mod and no shitty links to the download !!the best!!!

      16. Anonymous says:

        Does the world need to be on experimental gameplay?

      17. Alex says:

        Is amazing but can you also add the mobs that was on the vote like mob A
        Mob C and
        Mob D

        • Aw says:

          These are mobs from the new mobile game Minecraft Earth, not MineCon Earth (which is now officially called MineCon Live)

      18. End Crafter 16 says:

        This is great!

      19. Gurkengelee says:

        This is a great mod! Good work. I also created a compatibility patch for my Explorer Mode add-on so if both add-ons are activated together, the cluckshroom, mudded pig and moobloom can only be bred with golden food.

      20. Maddy says:

        Amazing Addon thank you!!!

      21. Maddy says:

        Amazing addon

      22. Maddy says:

        Amazing addon!!!

      23. Anonymous says:


      24. Blue Ninja says:

        YES! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!! I’ve always wanted these mobs in my world without it replacing anything!

      25. Notch says:

        Do they replace anything????

      26. MrJackx5 says:

        Do these mobs replace current ones?

      27. BallisticNinja says:

        Nice addon! I’m pretty sure that cat is not an enter cat, but just a cat with paint splattered on it

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