Published on June 08, 2023 (Updated on June 07, 2023)

Minecraft HARDCORE Bedwars Texture Pack

We introduce to you the one and only League Of Legends inspired texture pack called Yasuo PvP Texture Pack. This is a 16×16 pack that allows you to PvP with smooth FPS. With all that we also made this pack in baby blue colours that represent the LoL character called Yasuo. All you need to win your fights in Minecraft is right here, just download the pack and start winning.Also can be called a bedwars pvp texture pack , bedwars pack , best pack for bedwars

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I Made the change you requested, so can you pls approve this pack, thank you very much :)

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Really cool, idk why it hasn't comments
Potassium Pomagonite September 14, 2023 at 2:09 am
me neither, people are just doing other things idk