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Published on October 19, 2019 (Updated on April 30, 2020)

Minecraft Nether Update Concept Add-on (1.14 only) (Reupload)

This add-on adding all features from the Nether Update from new blocks, mobs, structures, trees and biomes. We really hope that you will enjoy this cool Nether Update add-on now!

Nether Update Add-on features.

The Biomes:

Crimson Forest:

Warped Forest:

Soul Sand Valley:

The generation of ancient:

You can find it under the nether like the other ores

The crafting recipes of ancient:

Then you can make the netherite by 4 netherite scrap and 4 gold ingot:

Also you can make tools and armors:

The tools:

How the armors work:

First you need the armors and craft them to get the armor block by this recipe:

To used you need to stand on the top of the armor block:

The mobs:


They attack the wither skeletons and hoglin.

Attack damage: 4

Health: 20

You can trade with him by giving gold thinks and they will give you random items:

The gold thinks you can trade with it to the piglin:

The items can give you the piglin from trading:

Zombified Piglins:

It's zombie pigman but with new model and sounds.


They attack the piglins and player:

Attack damage: 4.5

Health: 20


Nether Gold Ore:

It's gold spawn in the nether, you can smelt them with (Furnace and Blast Furnace).

Crying Obsidian:

This block allows you to set your spawn point anywhere by stand on it (it's functional in the over world only!), the only ways to get it by trading with the piglins only.

Soul Fire Lantern and Soul Fire Torch:

Soul Fire Torch:

Soul Fire Lantern:

Recipes to allows you to survive in the nether:

You can craft cobblestone from the basalt (you can find the basalt from soul sand valley biome)

Also you can craft new planks from (Crimson Stem / Warped Stem)

Even you could craft normal planks from the (Crimson Planks / Warped Planks)

Credits and creators:


Name:  🐺LEGOSI🐺

Twitter: @legosi_wolf666

For the sounds from the pre last update.

Editor and improvise:


Name: "MCGaming (CEO of loneliness)"

Twitter: @ReadDaPin

Main Creator:

Name: RafatAr32

Twitter: Ar32Rafat

All upcoming features by "MCGaming (CEO of loneliness)".

Thank you and don't forget to download the add-on 😊❤

Select version for changelog:


All changelog by "MCGaming (CEO of loneliness)"

Twitter: @ReadDaPin

New changes


-Piglins now have 10 seconds before they attack their targets (unless when the target hits one of them)

-Piglins will now turn into zombie pigmen (Zombified Piglins) in the overworld in 15 seconds

-Added new variant of the Piglins called Archer Piglins they are fast and they use bows to attack their targets

-You can barter with Piglins using gold ingot

-There's a Random Chance that Piglins will spawn wearing gold armor.

-Zombified Piglins will not raise their arms anymore (unless they are angry)

-Added 2 new variants of the Zombified Piglins

-Crossbow Piglins and Piglin Archers only turn into Their Zombified Variant when they get killed by a Zoglin

-Added the missing animations like moving ears and bartering animation to make them similar to the 1.16 Beta Bedrock Piglins

-Piglins can back off I mean they run away from their target because they have attack cool down

-Added Piglin Patrols


-Added the Zoglin

-Hoglins will now turn into Zoglins when they are in overworld within 15 seconds

-Added the original walking animations

-Baby hoglins Can now be ridden by 3 baby Piglins

- Hoglins will now run away from Piglins

-Added the Angry behavior for Piglins and hoglins

-Hoglins also have attack cool down like 15 seconds

New Mob added:

-Added the Strider

-Striders are mobs that can be ridden and they spawn in the lava lakes

-Control them using Carrot on a Stick (Warped Fungus on a Stick will be added in the bug fix update (v1.5.1) don't worry its a place holder

-Breed Striders by feeding them apples

-Striders must be saddled before u ride it

-The shivering behavior will never be added to Striders 

-Zombified Piglins can ride Striders

-U can boost the speed of your strider while on Lava

-Striders does not work like in the 1.16 beta but at least I added some possible features for them

-Added New Music Disc: Pigstep

replaces Disc 13

More features coming soon.


After you download the add-on just open to your Minecraft add them to your world and it's done.😊

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.04 / 5 (116 votes)
can u fix this for edu
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It works in education edition?
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Bruh this work but the nether still sucks and doesn't change anything in the nether
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I post yet another comment to share my woes. I wanted this add on to work so badly that I deleted my Mc edu so I could reinstall it. But all my backups were in my Mc edu folder which apparently vanishes without trace when the app gets deleted. I lost all my worlds (apart from one which I posted on this site so thx mcpedl). I’m now gonna see if the add on works now. If all that I’ve lost was worth it... wish me luck...
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It doesn’t work for me on edu edition, I just get soul fire which is super buggy
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good works in education edition GG
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one 1.14.50 education
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Its good with mobs but warped fungus on a stick would help and u can replace diamonds with netherite jus retexture it to a overworld nether
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Hey, I have Education Edition and I only have the updated version of the nether nothing else no Netherite tools no nothing no ancient debris pleas fix this it's really cool though.
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So i have a problem with this, the thing is all nothing but the soul fire loads, not the biomes, tools, nothing. Everyone else has no problems with it, but if you could help me fix this is would be awsome
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and i play on Minecraft education Edition
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In education edition u cant add blocks or items
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i found out later i got this error - Missing dependency with ID 'f6035d88-b7f4-4c3e-9fd8-22ff6b14863f' and version '4.0.0'.
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Most people are just education edition players
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