Minecraft: Rebirth Edition

Minecraft: Rebirth Edition is basically vanilla minecraft but with more. Instead of rushing away to beat the ender dragon and having nothing to do afterwards, I added rebirthing! With this map, you can ensure hours if not days, of nice, vanilla suvival.

How it works:

Its very simple. You play through like normal Minecraft survival except after you beat the ender dragon, you get a surprise! A rebirth token. All you have to do is simply drop the rebirth token to start over again but, with perks! For example, some of the perks include special effects and enchanting to help you climb your next life. 

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Great survival map!
Ok since there are 2 bosses in minecraft, what about the wither? What does the nether star do? Please answer me....
I like the idea of the map, i got to the ender dragon fight and i accdiently jumped into the center portal mid fight since it was open. I headed back to the portal room, when i killed the ender dragon he did drop the rebirth token. Which instantly teleported me into the portal. But when i placed the egg down, nothing happen, when i picked it back up with the torch trick the Rebirth token's name reverted into the regular Ender Egg. I tried dropping it from my inventory, nothing yet to happen
Dude I never played this map I just look at comments first and I think you have to either respawn the ended dragon and beat it again or redownload the map and restart