Minecraft Warden Concept Addon

Hello everyone, I’m JPG YT, and I’m A YouTuber And Addon Creator on MCPEDL! Well, I’m back again, and now I’m bringing you all my Warden Concept Addon! Introducing the warden itself to the Addon, which will actually act like the real Warden From Minecraft Live! If You Have Any Bugs Or Reports You Would Like To Share, Comment Down Below! I Hope You All Enjoy The Addon, Have A Great Time, Bye!

Ever Since Minecraft Live This Year, Have You Wanted The Warden In Your World Right Now That Does Everything Like The Real One, Well Now You Can! I’m Bringing Everyone My Warden Addon! This Addon Allows The Warden To Be Blind If Your Crouching, It Can Hear Vibration (Well Technically It’s Just A Mob He’ll Go After That Only He Can See) Not Only That I Studied The Trailer And Got Some Animations Spot On, And Even Had Time To Make My Own Animations! So If You Want The Warden In Minecraft Bedrock Edition Right Now, Then Go To The Download Link Down Below To Get This Addon! Hope You All Enjoy it, And I’ll See You All With My Next Addon, Bye!

Will It Go After Projectiles?

Yes, It Will Indeed Go After Almost All Projectiles Accept For The Eye Of Ender And The Ender pearl, So Far! It Will Be Able To Just Do About Everything The Warden Can Do From Minecraft Live!

Will It Glow?

Yes, It Will Glow, The Way It Glows Is By The Animation, So It Will Glow Every Time He Plays An Animation!

What Will The Addon Bring Us?

This Addon Will Eventually Bring The Skulk Sensor Which Is A Block That Detects Vibration And Wireless Redstone, My Version That Will Come Out Soon Won’t Do That, But Will Still Be Pretty Cool, Otherwise!

What Can We Expect In The Future?

You Can All Expect Better Ai Addons In The Near Future And Maps For Those Addons As Well, So Sit Back And Something Will Be Along The Way!

You Are Prohibited To Put My Links On Third-Party Sites!

This Is Here To Let Everyone Know You Are Not Allowed To Put My Link On Third-Party Sites! The Reason Is, So Many People Will Take The Mediafire Version Of The Link Or Make Their Own And Put It On A Website For Minecraft Addons. Then, The Original Creator of the Addon Gets No Credit Of Their Work! So Basically They’re Taking It, And Not Giving Any Support To The Creator! So No One Is Allowed To Copy And Paste The Link Or Make Their Own, You Have To Leave A Link To The MCPEDL Version Of The Site! So Hopefully All Of You Understand, Have Fun!

Go Subscribe To JPG YT

Make Sure To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel, JPG YT If You Want To Get The Latest News On My Addons! Also, I Do More Than Just Addons, I Do Redstone, Eventually Servers, And More! So Go Check Out My Channel Today!

How To Bypass Adf. Ly?

In The Video From On The Screen, It Shows You How To Bypass Adf. Ly Without Installing A Virus, So Make Sure To Follow Step By Step To Make Sure You Download The Addon Safely!


  • Health: 300
  • Attack: 60

Changelog View more

-Changed The The Download Link A Little Bit!

-More Updates Soon!

-Changed The Photo Of The Addon!

-Fixed The Discord Link Not Working!

-Added A Description In The Addon That Explains Not To Share Your Own Or Take Links For The Addon!

-Fixed Some Minor Bugs!

-Changed The Description Of The Addon Just To Make It Better!

-Fixed Some Bugs With The Warden!


Warning There Are Loud Sounds And Jumpscares Be Cautious Before Downloading!

You Are Not Allowed To Make Your Own Link, File Or Take The Mediafire Link And  Put On The Web, Or Sites!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 RTX Beta

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17 Responses

4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Endermatt says:

    on Minecraft the warden does not move fast it moves like a snail heres what the warden needs The Warden won’t hear the player if the player sneaks past it, but if the player attacks it enough, it will lock onto the player and won’t get distracted by other noises. At this point, it will begin charging at the player significantly faster than before can you make the warden like this like it does not charge the player it is weak plus the health it need to have is 1600 can you please add these stuff to the warden

  2. Prinxz says:

    Nice Addon! I reviewed it on my channel because this Mod is sooo underrated ??
    ” Prinxz ” is the name! ?

  3. JohnThiccWick says:

    does it have a natual spawn

  4. DeluxeBeef362 says:

    Hey, does the mob have a natural spawn?
    I’ve been trying add-ons in my realm and this looks amazing, but I want to know if it will spawn by itself or if I will have to summon it

  5. SamuC says:

    ⡴⠑⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⣀⣀⣤⣤⣤⣀⡀
    ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⣿⣷⣶⣮⣭⣽⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠇

  6. WhoisNuUuOnE says:

    just to let u know Jujustyle was first to create a concept

  7. Ultralogs says:

    hello just wanted to say not many warden addons are good but this one is amazing. when will sculk sensors be released in this addon? and can you please use the proper textures for the warden and the sculk sensors they showed in mc live? also make it so the sculk sensors are actually functional so when they are triggered they alert the warden of your locations

    • JPG YT says:

      Hello, Ultralogs The Skulk sensor Might Be Out Next Week Or The Week After, But I Don’t Know If It Will Warn The Warden, But I Can Make It To Were It Can Trigger The Skulk Sensor, Then Warden At The Same Time If That’s Still Ok.

      • Ultralogs says:

        Hello, thank you the reply your idea sounds good I think if you can make it so the sculk sensor triggers at the same time as the warden it would work just as well. A few more questions if you don’t mind me asking will the sculk sensors actually work as wireless redstone? and can you update the warden texture and replace it with the one they used in minecraft live?

      • Ultralogs says:

        by the way the discord server in your link doesn’t lead to a invite. It just takes you to can I have a invite if that’s okay? you can also add me my discord is Ultralogs#6852

  8. The pulsing animation is supposed to be a bit better like in the Minecon Live 2020 show. Make its Skulk Sensors on its head pulse too.

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