Miner Add-on

This add-on adds three traders, they work with three ores: diamond, gold and iron.

You can trade interesting intens with them using emeralds, they have four levels of trade.

See below:

As you can see there are three variants, the trades work according to each one:

Don’t try to attack him, although he looks like a villager he is very strong, has 200 HP and deals 10 damage.

He spawns naturally in caves and ore mines, you can also spawn using his eggspawn in creative mode.

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Changelog View more
  • New spawn egg texture
  • New clothes for the iron, diamond and gold variants

What's new:

Added netherite miner

  • Spawn in nether
  • Immune to fire

Updated compatibility

What's New

  • Added picking up items on the floor behavior
  • Open and close doors
  • Identify attacks and defend the village

What's New:

Changes in spawning rates:

  • Now this has a chance to spawn in a larger amount, but with a low spawn chance
  • Added new languages:



Canadian French

  • Updated compatibility
  • New video showing how to pass the ad

At the request of users, I decrease the spawning rate and number of entities.

Added more translations:

  • Portuguese from Brazil
  • Portuguese from Portugal
  • Spanish

Added new items to trade:

  • Diamond, diamond axe
  • Gold ingot, golden axe
  • Iron ingot, iron axe

Added behavior of offering items to trade


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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57 Responses

4.08 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Sunbun1232 says:

    Can i use this in my addon, I will give you Credit.

  2. Guest-2265288026 says:

    Great addon but I think you should nerf them and maybe make the netherite miner look like a piglin!

  3. New Hydroquake Vortex says:

    This is a great concept, but is poorly executed. These miners are way too overpowered. I think you should make them more balanced.

  4. Guest-4085418509 says:

    The Netherite miner is too overpowered

  5. Guest-2875732412 says:

    He estado checando addons para hacerles reviews en mi canal y he visto unos cuantos tuyos y me han encantado

  6. Guest-9188018163 says:

    Me encanta el addon pero el problema es que se generan demasiados mineros por todas partes

  7. Guest-3914757248 says:

    The best

  8. Guest-3171970872 says:

    Continue with Linkvertise works no problems i got.
    otherwise ask someone to share with.

  9. Guest-8945035134 says:

    It’s asking me to make a premium account to download is there a way I don’t have to do this?

  10. Guest-2785920529 says:

    Jamais vou baixar qualquer addon pelo Linkvertise, qualquer um menos essa merda

  11. Mr.troubl says:

    please make it so they can actually mine their specific ores

  12. TenderDragon173 says:

    Its cool bruh

  13. Mojang Studios says:

    It works on 1.16 beta.. cool

  14. odarmamx says:

    Works in Realms??

    • Guest-2440064185 says:

      Custom entities dont work on realms

      • Guest-3086949079 says:

        Custom entities DO work on realms, I use lots of mobs with custom entities on realms, I’m not sure if the trading aspect will work but it’s other things you can’t have such as new blocks etc, at least from my experience

        • PowderedBreak20 says:

          You’d need to make a new world for your realm with Expirimental mode on to have custom blocks/items/trade GUI

          • Guest-2124278842 says:

            experimental mode doesn’t work on realms currently

          • Al rules says:

            Experimental gameplay does work on realms, however custom blocks aren’t supported yet, they will be supported in 1.16 though

  15. SoleParsley640 says:

    piglin miner

  16. SoleParsley640 says:

    you can make a nether miner from netherite 🙂

    • Guest-8627874488 says:

      yes a piglin miner in the nether that sells netherite for 20 emeralds for a netherite ingot

  17. Guest-7942815930 says:


  18. Guest-7314439678 says:

    How did they restock their items?

  19. Guest-5357827214 says:

    wtf is this download link? need to download and install a browser extension to download the mod why is something like this allowed on this site? thats bs.

  20. Guest-6330211918 says:

    Direct link?

  21. IVoTeXYT says:

    Do we need to use exp game play?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Works great on xbox love the mod

  23. DuhVirus says:

    great addon but i feel like they spawn way to often

  24. Gabe says bork says:

    Another lazy creator, who does not fix there links.

  25. GogettaGaymer999 says:

    Uno donde los Aldeanos n o tengan intercambios tan baratos?

  26. Hablo español says:

    La verdad me encanta pero estaria muy guay si pudiaras contratar a los mineros para qe te busqen el mineral qe qieres.

  27. Tick tack says:

    Add a Pillager miner that drops random ores or a pickaxe.

  28. cAptive says:

    Hello your addon is very cool but it’s posible to add the posibility to mine the ore with the miner

  29. Brexit Box says:

    Good addon but they spawn too frequently, maybe make the spawn rate be 1/5 of what it is now, since right now it’s kinda dumb just finding 3 miners altogether in a hole

  30. Giaogg says:

    too much health

  31. gio1135 says:

    You should make a non-abandoned mineshaft mod. You’ve already made some addons for such a thing.

  32. Monark says:

    Can we get a skin of that I want to be a dwarf miner to

  33. Dwm399 says:

    Can’t download

  34. yeet boi says:

    Lol ok
    Is really Great

  35. Anonymous says:

    Link plzzzz

  36. XxLLxX says:

    they should be mining underground and they should be in the village only respawn and they should go to the caves and there mining then they will just go back to the village and there for sale

  37. sin name says:

    gran addon,
    deberia cambiar la textura

  38. BoxCatMC says:

    Amazing addon I love it so much, but in order to download the addon you need to download an extension that is a virus???

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