Miner Meld

Miner Meld is an idle map based on the Java edition Minecraft map “Minevolution”. The premise of the game is to mine stone to get better materials and upgrade the speed of collecting stone.

You start out with a guide book that will show a few basic things of how to get started, you can grab the starter kit which is just a stick and leather armor, and then you can start mining stone. after collecting a certain amount of stone, you can upgrade to the next material, it is 32 of one material to move on to the next, if you don’t feel like mining, you can also buy minions to mine for you so you can go AFK and they will mine.

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Added the Discord server so I could get suggestions for what I should include in the second version of the Miner Meld Map ;).

Made the download link give you a .mcworld file instead of a .zip.


This is an MC:BE/MC:PE edition map, built on version 1.16.1. once you download the MinerMeld.zip, unzip it and then drag and drop the world folder out of the zip into You're Minecraft worlds folder.


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10 Responses

  1. Pizza fuze says:

    Hey dude, I really love your map. It’s really well done and I’m mad idnt had this idea before ūüėČ (kidding) I wanted to know if you would want to join a team of builders my friend and I created… it would be fun tho! I would really love to meet you! There is only something I wanna know before, do you live in east America? It would be better if cuz its complicated when everybody come from a different place… Cya

    • Finral says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback Pizza fuze, I would love to be apart of the team, I’m from West America, sorry but I don’t live in the east, maybe your team could make an exception? Sorry for the late response, I’ve been super busy working on my second map and doing school and such. If you have discord, you can contact me, heres my tag: Finral#9173

  2. Guest-9364670552 says:

    Where ?

  3. Guest-1240891890 says:

    Not converting my ores

  4. Guest-2743092930 says:

    I am currently making something similar

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