Published on May 06, 2020 (Updated on August 27, 2020)

Mini-Tools with PvP Version Now

If you are tired of the old model of the "Minecraft" game tools, this add-on will change your expectations, bringing a "mini" design (ie, a texture that reduces the actual size of the tools).

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Hello ... Well ... This update has already been requested 3 times by you, so I decided to bring it today for you, I hope you like it

This update adds "3 new features" I made it in a different package because I don't know if you would like 2 in 1 so I decided to leave it separate.

Returning to the subject .. this update brings 3 new types of "bows_pullyngs" What would be the arc loading moments.

Brings the:

Bow_Pullyng_0 [GREEN]

Bow_Pullyng_1 [YELLOW]

Bow_Pullyng_2 [RED]


  • Mini-Tools_PvP_Version.mcpack
  • Mini-Tools.mcpack

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Hello CwWr
I love your small tools texture pack. I am making a combination texture pack more then 50 fearures so I wanna use you small tools texture please give me permission to use.
I can't able to find any contact to you so I comment
BTW I give you credit with your mcpedl link
Thank You
Look, you can even merge your texture, but I only allow it if you don't use links that generate money. OK?

Thank you so much for enjoying my texture :)

I stopped updating Mini Tools because some things happened. Being honest, I like doing textures but I don't know if I'll come back.
texture pack mt bem feita parabéns, teria alguma chance de você fazer para java edition?
you can make a version for java please owo
i deleted everything from this resoure pack exept swords to have "knifes"
Could U make the fire smaller it would make this as a nice pvp texture pack I really enjoy your work keep it up
Hi guys, well, now seriously, I really need your support. I have the update of the bow textures for ready combat mode, I could make a subpack,
But I think this is not everyone's preference so I will leave a combat pack and a normal one ok?
And with regard to the help I asked you before, I really want to make content, but I don't know what I could do for you, because I'm still limited about Minecraft things :)
Could You make this pack for java 1.8 and higher the would be super amazing
Can you improve the texture of the diamond sword
I didn't, understand how the texture of the diamond sword can improve?
Thanks for your comment,
But I was wondering if you want me to change only the bow or crossbow because I tried to make a cool design for her and I didn't find it interesting
Cooollaa smola?
all the tools are so small it's so cute!, love your texture pack its really useful for PvP
Guest-4775700296 May 28, 2020 at 8:33 pm
It’s so cute it’s like a baby version of the tools haha
can you add a bow indicator? (the string changes color as you charge the bow.) make it red when barely charged, yellow when medium charged, and green when fully charged.
But would that be just for you? I can even do it, I'll see .. just tell me where you want the colors to be marked
other people would probably like it too.
Hmm... the shorter sword textures seem familiar, but apart from that, great job!
Guest-3159230819 May 08, 2020 at 6:52 pm
no the handles are shorter too
Very cool!!
Could you help my channel?
This is the link: