Published on May 22, 2023 (Updated on September 18, 2023)

Mining Simulator World v1.3

Do you want to play mining simulator game? Do you find other mining simulator boring? Yes, i do.Breaking block at one spot endlessly. Basically you just holding mine button. And sometime there is also refresh ores function. You are at the right place! On this map, you are no longer do afk mining. In fact, you need to prepare only to mine ores to sell.Because you spawn at single biome world full of ores, and mobs!

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  • Changing description "glowstone to glowstone dust" at sell area
  • Changing description "wool" to "white wool"
  • Fixing sell rotten flesh command block, redstone always active
  • Fixing sell command, forget to add data values lol
  • Placing some eggs on white road treasure
  • Added sign to white road
  • Placing grass as treasure of white road
  • Added mysterious trader


  • Update the description
  • Update message board
  • Change glass wall to barrier
  • Added more buy items
  • Added more sell items
  • Added land expansion
  • Added battle arena
  • Added classic mine simulator
  • Added warp area


  • First upload



  • Mining_Simulatorv1.3.mcworld (1.47 MB)
  • (1.47 MB)
  • Mining_Simulatorv1.2.mcworld (809.45 KB)
  • (809.98 KB)
  • MiningSimulator.mcworld (1.26 MB)
  • (1.26 MB)

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Loved the Map!! It has everything we need!!! Though i didn't like the biome... It's hard to find grass there. If u add more stuff in ur shop that would be awesome!!! Also about that white road... It's kinda tricky... Anyways... 5 STARS
Good job but i still take that "other mining simulator boring" Seriously