Published on January 28, 2022

Mirror's Edge [v.beta]

Welcome to a rendering of the MIRROR'S EDGE® video game now in Minecraft for mobile versions, this rendering almost exactly simulates the in-game traversal in a night mode at all times. the structures are almost similar to the route of a real Gameplay. jump through the city in the middle of the dark to find peace.

The map is in a beta test, which means: 

  • The map is not complete only 30% will be playable (still in development).
  • The lobby is simulated, it is not yet the official one.
  • The route is not fully marked referring to directions.

This is a freestyle map, find a way to keep going, you may get disoriented at first, but little by little it will not be difficult for you to go. 

Upcoming features: 

2 characters added to interact with, route will be extended, signage will be improved. 

Corrections in general. 


The map has a low-end to high-end shader, but you may have the option to add or change the shader of your choice depending on the range of your device.


Supported Minecraft versions

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