Published on January 28, 2024 (Updated on February 06, 2024)

MMB Random Bosses v2 Update

Hello guys I'm back after not being active in this website. This addon is a compilation of all of my bosses that i made purely out of boredom, except the bosses that i posted in this website. These bosses appeared in my YouTube Channel that i made because I was so bored, so let's get started.

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•Fixed Animations of some bosses

•Model Fixed, Christmaster

•Texture Fixed

v2 Changes:

•New Command Block Ability!

  • It can now summon Chain Command Blocks

•Fixed The Great Block King's summoning skills

•Fixed some textures and models



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Bro, the addon is great, the only problem is that when you choose the zombie generator it takes you out of the game and it slows down a lot when you choose the block command generators and the villager generator, fix that bro please :)
I mean the champion zombie generator
What happened bro Zombie Champion Game Crashed
idk, I tested it many times and i can assure you it doesn't crash even my friends tested it as well, so idk about that, probably your device
why is the great undeader name become the zombie champion?
Add natural spawn and structure
i made this addon solely for mob battle purposes but I'll see what I can do
Great addon!! but it would be even better if they had loot and a place to spawn.