Mob Towers – A Battle Towers Addon (Update)

Hello Everyone! I’m AnimeSam and I am bringing you an Addon that Generates Mob Tower Dungeon throughout Your Worlds. There are 8 Different Mob Towers to be found and conquered. I Hope You Enjoy 🙂

This addon includes 8 Different Dungeons called Mob Towers into You Worlds:

Stone Tower – All Biomes

Cobble Tower – All Biomes

Dessert Tower – Dessert, Mesa, Savannah

Mesa Tower – Mesa, Dessert, Savannah

Sea Tower – Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Beach, Shore

Ice Tower – All Cold Biomes

Nether Tower – All Biomes RARE

Mossy Tower – Jungles, Swamps, Tiaga

All of the Eight Different Mob Towers will spawn naturally in you world.

At the top most floor of every Mob Tower, the Player will encounter a new Mini Boss; The Tower Golem:

The Tower Golem drops Loot not unlike the Iron Golem, though no Poppy’s. They also drop 1-3 Diamonds! They Also have 150HP, and Attack the Player by shooting Fireballs out of it Eye.

Once The Tower Golem has been Defeated, The Tower Will Begin to “Fall” By Slowly Blowing Up one floor at a time, and then Crumble to about only 3-4 Floors remaining.

For more information please hop over to my YT and check out my latest MobTowers video!


Changelog View more

*I have removed the AntiCheese/AntiGreifing measures!

*removed the Eye of Ender drop

*updated Downloads

*New Mossy Tower

*Mob Variants by Tower Type*

*Retextured Tower Golem*

*Updated Tower Golem Attack To Ranged(FireBall)

*Anti-Cheese Measures*

*Tower Destruction Animations*


Once You have Downloaded the .mcaddon file, and located where you saved it.

Windows 10 - Just Double click the .mcaddon file

Mobile - Untested

XBox - Reported Not Working

PS4 - unable

Nintendo Switch - Untested

Simply Select and activate the MobTowers BehaviorPack and ResourcePack when Creating a New World.

*Delete Any Previous Versions of MobTowers*



Supported Minecraft versions


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72 Responses

4.33 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Wynter says:

    cant download cause mediafire keeps saying something is missing

  2. PrestigePlayz says:

    I absolutely love your Mob Tower add-on! Really like it. Also, can I have permission from you to edit the pack? I plan to use it for a modpack I’m making.

  3. ClenchFrame says:

    I am so so grateful your keeping up with your mod, however with your recent fix your command blocks are still cutting in and out of adventure mode and survival mode do you think you could fix this?, though I love and appreciate your hard work.

    • 3miliojere says:

      Broo nesecitas actualizar tu link de descarga porque no me deja descargarlo y ahora tu Addon esta bueno esta grandioso cuando eliminas al golem se destruya la torre poco a poco nice

  4. Edgyy says:

    Addon not worth downloading

  5. SteamDesu~ says:

    I play in mobile and the tower not spawn

  6. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    will it work for Xbox one s ???

  7. Leo312 says:

    Hey I found a bug where when I enter a stone variant tower, the boss doesn’t spawn and yes I turned on experimental gameplay with just the addon

  8. Edgyy says:

    You changed almost nothing and somehow made it worse

  9. Sorry To Remove Download, It Needed an Emergency Update!
    ShoutOut To Lexart & Wasdalt for Keeping Me on my Toes 😛
    Hope This One Works lol

    • Kitty Groves says:

      Hello i have a realm its a modded realm with a bunch of mods i have been using your mod for about 2 weeks on it i went to update it but the link did not work is this one in the comments the updated? also amazing mod people who play on my realm think its one of the best and don’t worry i tell people the name so they download it for u TY.

  10. joe847802 says:

    Do the chest have random loot tables? If not, I think it would benefit the addon since random loot tables is a possibility with addons now.

  11. Wasdalt says:

    No support for the Russian language ;(

  12. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    Can you fix the bug like when i set my gamemode to survival it set my to adventure mode instead and im trying to break the spawners and when the towers is falling its to laggy pls fix it its my favorite addon ever

  13. BlakBxrrryAllxn says:

    Have u fixed the bug for bedrock

  14. Edgyy says:

    Ok, this addon needs some serious work, first you put COMMAND BLOCKS UNDERNEATH THE TOWER, second you can literally just drop an eye of ender and the tower comes falling down, third when you get to the top of the tower the golem just blows up immediately, fourth the loot is SO unbalanced, please make your own loot tables for the chests, fifth like I said before remove the anti cheese it’s gay af, I guess the last thing is make the tower golem have the right sounds and make him bigger with a little more health

    • look here
      First off what do mean give him the right sounds? cause if your implying he doesnt have the same sounds as the JAVA mod then your dumb…cause if you know that then you would know that in the JAVA mod the golem actually destroys the top floor once you get close to the top floor…
      Second maybe you should read all the comments before you open you cry baby mouth and you would see i already agreed the anti cheese was a bad idea and planned to remove them next update AND that i was going to fix the eye of ender problem because of a language barrier in the addon.
      Third only your dumbass would look at the commands then throw an eye of ender at the tower *rolls eyes*
      Fourth off, of course there are command blocks under the Towers.. how do you think they work by magic? where am i supposed to put them? Up your ass?
      Fifth you can hate this comment all you want but when i update i bet your punk ass still downloads it. ^_^
      Sixth if you can do it better be my guest loser
      Have a great day <3

  15. Herogamer340 says:

    Nice add-on I will use it with my crazycraft I downloaded it for mcpe!

  16. Edgyy says:

    Please remove the thing where it puts you in adventure mode in the tower

  17. Leo312 says:

    Hold up if you replace adventure mode switch with mining fatigue instead, that will cause players to no longer break the spawners in the tower. Honestly in my opinion I would allow players to grief the tower and cheat however they want. It’s gonna be hard to do that anyways, just as long as you can make the tower golem spawn at any point of the tower. Also I found a prismarine water tower in the plains biome and the drowned that spawned didn’t attack me unless I attacked them first.

  18. Wasdalt says:

    What if the tower doesn’t destruction after killing the golem?

  19. Leo312 says:

    It’s unbelievable how you did the tower collapse animation for bedrock, since it has limitations you did a fantastic job. Please next minor update remove game mode adventure switch to getting mining fatigue instead, it can solve many problems.

  20. AnxietyPlague says:

    I love it but I only have one problem with it. i was wondering if u can make a separate pack where any other sort of diamonds didn’t spawned in the chest instead emeralds. kinda op

    • Until i find a way to create a chest that will roll loot via BehaviorPack i cant really replace diamonds with emeralds. But i have just released a new version that is more challenging and i can always make them more rare.

  21. traitorade says:

    I’ve been having a problem on Windows 10, each time I enter a mob tower the game crashes, then I relaunch and I can play through the tower normally. I am playing with different add-ons and shaders. I can send specs if needed

  22. Jackypackpack2 says:

    This is a lot of fun and really balanced.

  23. Edgyy says:

    Could you make it so when you kill the tower golem it starts destroying the tower like on java?

  24. CapeUltra says:

    Make the tower unbreakable until the boss is dead. Its easy to chese the loot by not going in the tower.

  25. Just some random kid who likes minecraft says:

    Could you add different bosses in each tower?

  26. Good job keep it up the good work 🙂

  27. Leo312 says:

    For the next update, can you fix the top chest loot table randomizer so it would always be random when we open it?

  28. DJ muffin says:

    Are you planning on putting other tower structures to the nether and end dimensions?

  29. We have all been waiting for one to come out

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