Nation Of Calvada

Nation Of Calvada (Previously known as Mojave Region) is a nation map in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Created on 17 April of 2013 and was first released to the public on 1st July of 2018 after a few times of reconstruction.

Today, the map looks a lot better than previous updates with a lot more features and a vast map to explore.

Nation Of Calvada is one of the largest maps created for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It consists of 4 different cities and 3 different towns in the map. Among the 4 different cities, Las Vegia City is the biggest city and also the capital city in the map. There are lots of things to see such as suburbs, office towers, hotels, airports, stadiums, seaports and much more. Other than cities, minigames are also available! This map is very large and it is definitely worth to explore.

Full detailed map of Nation Of Calvada (Citiy’s location are shown)

Complete railway map of Nation Of Calvada

Changelog View more

- HinelCago International Airport expanded

- Larger roads in cities in East Calvada

- New apartments in Grandia City

- New Las Vegia International Airport in Las Vegia City

- Removed all bad builds

- New lighthouse in Iver Town and Columbian Island

- New highway to HinelCago City

-Built a Race Track in HinelCago City

-Demolished HinelCago International Airport

-Rebuilt almost all parking spaces

-Built an I.R.S Rail Line from Grandia City to Las Vegia City

-Built more static cars and planes

-Built a suburban area in Hexford City

-Built a suburban area in Las Vegia City

-Built Northwest Vegia district in Las Vegia City

-Built worship houses such as a mosque and a church

-Built a national stadium

-Rebuilt Little River Stadium

-Rebuilt Gulf Town

-Rebuilt Woodsery Town

-Built a new I.R.S Rail station in Iver Town

-Rebuilt an apartment in Iver Town

-Added Embassy of Nethercourse

-Added Embassy of Federal Republic of Newland

-Added Embassy of Federal Republic of Malsing

-Added Embassy of Republic of California

-Built North HinelCago District in HinelCago City

-New spawn point

-Fixed signs on every roads

-Built LTMD office in HinelCago City

-Built Western Central Terminal

-Built High Voltage Power lines

-Rebuilt every RnR/RnGo stops 

-A much more larger Las Vegia International Airport

-Fixed signs and interiors in Grandia International Airport

-Built Puvvile Hotel in Grandia City

-Built Puvvile Hotel in HinelCago City

-New minigames in Halifax Highlands

-Built Horse Race Track in Halifax Highlands



The download link will go to google drive. Once on the page, Click the download symbol at the top of the website page to download the map.


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55 Responses

4.7 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. ZWH MM says:

    Where is military base????

  2. AquaticFlapper says:


  3. player1037 says:

    Great map.The citys are beautiful.Good job!!👍💯

  4. Oleg says:

    cant download. pls fix link

    • The .mcworld link will go to google drive website. Once on the page, Click the download symbol at the top of the website page to download the map. After finish download the map, click the .mcworld file to import it to your Minecraft

  5. Xtra_Doctor_Pro says:

    I have V2 but now I CANNOT WAIT TO DOWNLOAD!!

  6. Pewdiepie says:

    Add a prison. What about that?

  7. notherobrine says:

    would you mind making a java version for this?

  8. AquaticJacob says:

    Good job

  9. AquaticJacob says:

    I love this map but I would like an aquarium. I love the ocean and the sky

  10. AquaticJacob says:

    I love this map but I would like an aquarium.

  11. AquaticJacob says:

    I love the map

  12. AquaticJacob says:

    Please add an aquariums

  13. Dash_993 says:

    Is there any supermarket in the cities? If there is, well it settles then.

    But if there are no supermarkets, can you please add some? Also add malls too (if there are no malls in the map)

    Just suggesting

    • Anonymous says:

      Currently, there are 2 malls in this map.

      Vegia Mall is located in Las Vegia City

      Danvern Mall is located in Grandia City

      We will add more malls and supermarkets to the map. Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. Caleb Houston says:

    Could we get a ruined version of this map? Like Fallout new Vegas style?

  15. drm online says:

    Nice updates, earlier than expected!

  16. midnightxy says:

    When is version 30 gonna come out??

  17. top says:

    the map has not updated yet?

  18. Puregaming says:

    This map stands out on others,for me its better than Mine York.But at this point I only found 2 cities(Las Vegia and Grandia),wouldn’t you consider having a map for the whole 5 cities? Just suggesting

  19. Brianaticloud says:

    Where do I find the danvern mall? Great map by the way!

  20. Anderson says:

    sorry about that maybe you need to check your device

  21. Anderson says:

    This is a great city and it is finish also please tell me if version 30 is here

  22. oof says:

    I can’t download the map. When I press the green button, it doesn’t pop up the file. Please fix this!

  23. geoxpert says:

    wait so people in this map drive on the left side on the road but it is influenced by the US? nice map however

  24. gurl_fxccer69 says:


  25. Binyaamin says:

    U guys are epic that Iove

  26. Puregaming says:

    It’s beautiful, i live how the interiors are not empty, and there’s a map for lost people like me

  27. realdiamondpick says:

    huh might make it so you but stuff with emeralds

  28. Someone says:

    This is such an awesome map. Love the fact that all your interiors are fully made and overally great map

  29. Mojave Region will change its name to Calvada. Because of confusion

  30. LuLu says:


  31. Billy says:

    I am a bird

  32. Tess says:

    Great job👍

  33. amh says:

    Is it furnished

  34. AATG21 says:

    Can you build a stairway for the region trade center to go down to the mall or a way down

  35. Anime Lover says:

    How if you built a huge city looks imperial city but in bedrock edition?who like it?

  36. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    This is great for roleplay! thanks!!!

  37. AngelPandaEarth says:

    Nice build.

  38. Sassie says:

    Are the buildings furnished????

  39. Rachel herring says:

    Great map 😀

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