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This is so strange, that Mojang don’t want to add moles in MC. Time to change this, just download my first add-on, that brings cute and tameable moles in your Minecraft world. Wild ones, will be attack silverfish, soon I will try to make tamed ones also attacking those ditty insects.

This is the first version of this add-on. I know about mistakes and bugs. I’ll try to fix them all in next uptades. Okay, let’s see add-on.

Mole general :

  • Usually spawns in caves at daytime and on surface at night
  • Avoid foxes, wolves, phantoms
  • Those 3 mobs attacks mole
  • Can be tamed with using new item – worm (like in real life)
  • Neutral
  • Has 20 health points an 3 damage points
  • You can feed them potato
  • Wild attacks silverfish

Here are some screenshots, that show us how moles hunts silverfish, their enemie’s hunt, their spawn and more 😀

New items!


  • For the moment you can get it with commands

Mole fur

  • Drops from moles

Mole’s meat

  • I made also a cooked variant , but I can’t cooked in campfire and bake. Maybe another one bug (
  • Also drops from moles
  • Raw mole meat, you can feed wolves

Mole burger

  • To craft it use 2 bread and 1 cooked mole meat
  • Gives to good effects

Items screenshots:

Uptade 1

I called it Mo’Mobs uptade, because it’s added 4 new mobs. 2 of them – moles, and other 2 mobs – mole’s enemies, one of them you can tame.


Starnose mole

He is like a usually moles. He also can be tamed with worms, and can feed potato. But he has very strange nose.

Gold moleSpawns in deserts. He hasn’t got eyes, because they were hide under his wool. Also can be tamed using worm.

Mole’s enemies

Eagle (new model)

Mighty and strong bird, that hunts not only moles. He hunts foxes, chickens, sheeps, salmon, cod, tropicalfish, rabbits and phantoms. Spawns in mountains. Now, eagle also attacks cats and ocelots.

OwlHuge birds, that spawns at night in taiga and hunts moles. You can tame it , using raw mole meat.

I’m also tried to make animations for birds, but they didn’t worked ☹, but I think soon I make them.


Eagle’s feathers

  • Drops from eagles

Eagle’s meat

  • Also drops from eagles
  • I also made cooked variant, but you can’t cook it

Eagle burger

  • Like a mole burger it gives you 2 good effects
  • Craftable with using 2 breads and 1 cooked eagle

Uptade 2:

Little uptade, that changes moles AI and added new mob, to the game.

Changes in Mole’s AI

  1. Now all types of moles can dig! Yes, now they can dig huge roads underground. Here are some screenshots of their work.

Starnose moles and usual moles can dig grass and dirt blocks. And gold moles can dig sand blocks.

2. Moles smaller, than they were.

3.Added baby moles.

4. Now tamed moles can attacks silverfish.

Changes in birds AI.


  1. Now eagles has got their own animations.
  2. Yeah, and that’s all. Ah, not now eagles also hunts cats and ocelots.


  1. Now owls smaller.
  2. You can also tame owls now, with using raw rabbit meat.

New mobs.


Worms finally were added. Now you can kill one of them and get worm, to tame mole. Moles also will attacks them. Sometimes worms also can drops slime balls.

Uptade 3:

In this uptade I made sounds for moles, eagles and owls. I’m also made meat – cooking. Yeah, now finally you can cook mole’s and eagle’s meat.

Mole fur’s texture was changed. Now it’s black.

Added walk animations for all kinds of moles.

Tamed owls, now can seats on you like a parrot

For the moment this all. Ok, download this add-on, and I’m coming to finish my new add-on.

Final Uptade

The last uptade of this add-on.


Good news for the Loop. Now we can tame eagle with using mole meat or rabbit. It will seats on your shoulder. Also were added fly animations for them.


Added fly animation for them.


In this uptade moles got a lot of enemies. All hostile mobs will attack wild moles. But don’t worry about tame moles. Nobody will not touch them. Mutants from JujuStyle7’s add-on will also attack wild moles.

Message for JujuStyle7 , if you found this add-on. I’m not changed your mutants , I just write to wild moles family – player.

Demogorgon also don’t like moles.

But it’s not end. Iron golems , also will try to kill poor moles.

Poor moles , will try to run away from their enemies , and some times , they do it 😀

Yeah , and thats all – I’m finished this add-on.

Changelog View more
  1. Added fly animations for eagles and owls.
  2. Eagles now TAMABLE. And they can seats on your shoulder.
  3. Moles got a lot of enemies.
  1. Added custom sounds for mobs.
  2. Added walk animations for moles.
  3. Fixed bugs.
  1. Fixed MANY bugs.
  2. Moles and owls smaller.
  3. Eagles have animations.
  4. Owls can be tamed with using rabbit.
  5. Added worms.
  6. Moles AI were changed.
  7. Now moles can dig underground.

Uptaded eagle's model and AI. Now he attacks cats and ocelots.

Download link, was changed, because yesterday I forgot to uptade it.

  • Added eagles and their own loot
  • Added owls, that can be tamed
  • Added new type of moles!
  • Bugs fixed


How to download add-on : 

  1. Download it.
  2. Active it in game.
  3. Enjoy new custom mobs


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  1. JujuStyle7 says:

    Heyo thank you for the information on the mutants / demogorgon
    No worries

    and i like this add-on!

  2. Guest-7397329638 says:

    Can u plz make a catdog add-on from Nickelodeon

  3. Shark373 says:

    Yay, +1 nice addon for my Minecraft

  4. Guest-8223312631 says:



    I think the main reason Mojang won’t add moles is because they would destroy block’s and grief the world more then any other mob

  6. Guest-3758789707 says:

    Hi, I need a bit help with my add-on (the model is invisible), can you please write me in VK @minecraftovayabitch

  7. Guest-8026319018 says:

    I feel bad for the moles

    Because im eating them…

  8. Guest-1270879821 says:

    Idk, maybe the normal moles can be brown and maybe have a bit more detail instead of being just a black blob with no shading and stuff, and also maybe make the owls smaller and a bit rounder so they can fit on the shoulders but still keep the puffiness, but still overall amazing mod and I really want people to give this more recognition

  9. The loop says:

    Really cool.please make the eagle TAMABLE and make them to sit on our shoulders.please it’s a request,

  10. Guest-8490647088 says:


  11. OrcaWorld says:

    Guys, this is old download link, don’t worry I uptaded it, and when it’ll be released you can download it

  12. OrcaWorld says:

    Wow, 5 from 5 ? Noice!

  13. Guest-7444058665 says:

    Black Kirby lok

  14. Guest-7084294761 says:


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