Published on May 20, 2021 (Updated on December 07, 2021)

More Body Actions + Pickup & Carry + Multiplayer Home System

Have you ever wanted to sit down, lie down, crawl, pick up a mob or player and carry it or set a home and teleport to it? With this addon, you can do it without any commands!

This addon is an assembly of 3 of my separately incompatible addons. Brief description of addons:


More Body Actions

Original Submission:

"This addon allows you to sit down, lie down, crawl and climb on the ground without any commands. Also, when you crawl, you can crawl in a 1 block hole! And when you climb on the ground, you can climb through a 0.5 block hole! Likewise, your 1st person camera drops lower when you crawl or climb on the ground."

The player is sitting:

The player lies:

The player is crawling:

The player climbs on the ground:

How to use:

To sit down, just look as far down as possible and sneak

To lie down, just look as far up as possible and sneak

To start crawling, first sit down (to sit down, just look as far down as possible and sneak) and just walk forward.

To start climbing the ground, jump while crawling. Jump again to return to crawl mode.

To get up just press sneak



Pick up & Carry

Original Submission:

"This addon allows you to pick up any mobs or players and carry them anywhere without any commands. You can pick up a mob or a player, only both of your hands are free and you are standing on the ground. (you cannot pick up a mob or player if, for example, you are standing in the water or holding something in your hand). Also, the mob or player you are carrying can hit you."

The view from the 1st person is excellent:

How to use:

To pick up a mob or player, go to him as close as possible, look at him and sneak. Then jump.

To release a mob or player, sneak, then jump.



Multiplayer Home System

Original Submission:

"This addon adds the ability to set a home without using commands. When any player first enters the world with this add-on, he will be given special items with which he can set a home, teleport to the home, and delete the home. To use an item, take it in your hand and long tap / right mouse click. These items cannot be dropped and they do not drop out after death."

Works in nether:

Works in End:




These three addons have been placed in this assembly.

Assembly notes:

This assembly only works on version 1.16.100 and above. If your version of minecraft is lower (1.16.5 \ 1.16.4 \ 1.16.0) this assembly will not work!

Turn on "Holiday Creator Features" in your world settings, otherwise this assembly will not work!

This assembly works great in multiplayer!


Is this assembly compatible with other addons?

This icon in the name of the assembly means that this assembly is incompatible with most addons from other creators. Also, all my addons and assemblies with this icon are incompatible with each other.

Select version for changelog:

  1. Updated addon "More Body Actions" in the assembly to version 1.1.0.


Download Behavior and Resources and put these 2 packs into your Minecraft world!

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Bug report: when the player goes to nether or end after setting home in over world, the delete home item stays like that in the nether and end dimensions because the player has set his home in overworld previously before going to nether it end, and when u right click the delete home in nether or end it disappears and now the player has no add home in nether or end dimensions, can u fix this, it should replace the delhome item with add home item when the player goes to end or nether because players need to set home newly in the dimension the just entered
this addon is pretty much useless in a any standard, sure you can use it on vanilla, but everyone knows theyd prefer being able to use this one modded worlds, realms, and servers, as it helps significantly when traveling far distances, but i guess beggars cant be choosers
Tp to spawn item does not work at all it always says there is no spawn zone
U said it's not compatible, is there a way to merge it with other Addons to make them work together?
dude can you make the addon work on servers
very good wish it worked with more mods though
BRRUUUUHHHHHH after doing all the ads it send me to download more body pickary homes which is a linkvertize thing. BRRRUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
great as always, I really have an idea, you can create a addon like this and mix it with sitting addon.
In my opinion, it becomes very practical and it is a great help to my minecraft rp series on youtube
I mean make addon like (Player Sizes Editer Add-on by S.Lim) and mix that with more body function
I have a question for the creator do you use a code learning program or no
Just Download from Mcpedl Theres a button thats there use it guys
Forgot to rate sorry btw Nice Addon/Addon's
omfg I hate you I have an antivirus that I can't fucking disable and now I won't be able to download the fricking addon because you couldn't just use a direct fucking link.
Callese maricon eso le pasa por comprar canaima
If use the fucking link, then cannot take money
so i tried to download the resources pack into minecraft but it keeps saying its not a valid zip archive or something similar, the behavior pack works but not for the resources pack (also i downloaded it with mcpedl)
resource pack not working
yomamalikescheese June 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm
can you put a link that goes straight to media fire