Published on August 22, 2019 (Updated on August 22, 2019)

More Craftable Items Add-on (V1.0.0)

Do you want to be able to craft things like Saddles and Elytras? Well then download this add-on named "More Craftable Items"! This add-on will add items that previously weren't craftable.

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The only changed that was made is the description (Added "Or if you have any suggestions for this add-on, please head to the comments and I'll see if it's good enough as a suggestion.")



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You can but it's pretty much against the rules
Can you add a recipe book for them? It is almost impossible for me to remember these recipes without leaving Minecraft and searching up the addon? Please and thank you.
That would be stupid, you will remember them eventually.
Do i Put it In Resource and Behavior?
I am also a creator I came up with most of the ideas
maybe an ender pearl or eye?
the fact that crafting an elytra requires a dragon completely defeats the purpose of the mod, you just made a crafting recipe that needs an uncraftable item (btw you get a dragon head only if you find a ship which also has the elytra, so i guess you get my point). id suggest you replace the dragon head with something easier to get
You forgot that there can be multiple end cities.
What folder does it go in on xbox. Behavior or resource.
You cannot add mods to worlds on an Xbox.
I think there is no point in your elytra crafting because if you get the dragon head it is also in that biome so it would be no point in crafting two because with the phantom membranes you could just repair the elytra ..?
There would be a point in crafting 2 elytras because what if you are playing with a friend on multiplayer?
What if your playing multiplayer.
Added how to craft apple please?
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You do realize that the only way to get a dragon head is from an end ship,in which case you would already have an elytra? Good idea, but since the elytra crafting needs the head, it is pretty useless
How is it useless? And the reasoning of why I made the dragon head a recipe is just in case people wanted 2 elytras (for multiplayer or other reasons) and even then, there are multiple end cities where you can get more elytras.
Please no one yell at me for this. I’m just suggesting stuff that I want to have crafting recipes okay?: enchanted apple- 1 golden apple, 4 gold ingots, and 4 gold blocks. The only 2 items I don’t want to have crafting recipes are totems, tridents, flowers and other stuff. Monster spawner- crafted with a nether star and four monster spawner pieces. Monster spawner piece- crafted with 8 iron bars surrounding a skull. Horse armor- 7 any material it’s made of and 1 leather. To get spawn eggs(you don’t have to do this) you find them in dungeon chests.
For Enchanted Golden Apples, why not just have 8 gold blocks just like from the original? It does add good buffs, for the monster spawner pieces, I'm unsure if I can add since this add-on is meant to be specifically for crafting items and not have custom items, not sure, for the spawn eggs it's the same thing. Horse armor I may plan to add in a future update.
and I'm not yelling at you I'm just telling my opinion :/
I know you’re just saying an opinion it’s okay. I only said no yelling cause I got two comments on comments I made. One was alright cause he wasn't really aggressive he just didn’t like how long my comments were so I responded saying I was sorry and I would tone it down a bunch. The other commented on the other hand absolutely despised me because of my comments. He/she comment said to stop commenting because I had terrible unoriginal ideas and a was insulting the creator because I had a suggestion!!! It was a suggestion for a wolves + addon!!! I thought it was a good idea since the creator seemed to know how to make good animations for the wolves (BTW the addon was the dire wolves addon). At least this comment wasent as long since my comments are usually 10 times as long as this one. Anyways that’s the only reason why I put that there.