More Elytras V2

This small texture pack aims to fix the rather plain, glitchy looking vanila elytra by replacing them with high-quality customizable elytra. There are 4 elytra retextures and some models that can be combined with them. – Enjoy

Dark Phantom wings with 3d bones

Cyan Phantom wings with 3d bones

Bug/fly wings

White feathery wings

Plus 2 different wing sizes for all of them

Changelog View more

- added dark phantom wings

- added item textures

- fixed mcpedl desc, however the strange black box still remains??


Feel free to do whatever you like with this pack. Just credit me if you publish it elsewhere

copy this: 

made by the guy with squids -


Supported Minecraft versions




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14 Responses

4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Eetamu says:

    What the heck does it mean by growing?

  2. Lightstrike says:

    Wow this is really nice! Only thing missing is the broken elytra item texture 😉

  3. Seedith says:

    Hello soo i might just be dumb but how do you change the elytra to the other ones??

  4. XplodinNdr08 says:

    Can I have the dirt in the glass bottle skin please XD

  5. I love this! But, I have an issue. So, I have it set to phantom but it doesn’t appear as phantom it appears as normal small. Is this a bug?

  6. Great job. Could you make a version of the phantom one with the same color as phantoms? Thanks, and take care of those squids you got.

  7. Great! Could you also do the elytra item texture? would appreciate it

  8. Alsina says:

    Damn this looks good, I’m especially interested in the 3d bone phantom one, good work

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