Published on January 25, 2024 (Updated on April 25, 2024)

More Equipments

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With this add-on, you can knock down trees by breaking a single block, do 3x3 Mining, fight monsters with different weapons, hit several with a sword strike, or perhaps an additional critical hit with the axe, anyway... For survival, this add-on is perfect! Download to experience this beauty of an add-on  :) 

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  • Just updated to 1.20.80
  • V3.1 will just be an update to the Add-on API.


  • MoreEquipments V1 (454.61 KB)
  • MoreEquipments V2 (553.25 KB)
  • MoreEquipments V3 (553.14 KB)
  • MoreEquipments V3.1 (553.25 KB)

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and i found a bug also when u use the unbreaking enchant it doents work on normal pickaxe and other tools too pls fix this
well i found a bug that u cant duplicate ancient debris using hammer, like when u mine a 3x3 block of ancient debris it duplicate because of the hammer also update the pack to 1.21 u would appreciate it too, and the hoe didnt work too tysm for this mod hope u see this feedback
Amazing, i really love everything about the axes, hammers, schythe, shovels. Basically all of it.
Its just a couple problems that when solve, could make it an even better addon. Its mostly reccomendations.

1.-The durability of each tool is really, really low, and even lower since it counts every broken block from the 3x3 (meaning 9 blocks). This happens even if its only one block thats being broken.
Since this addon is meant to simplify and enhance the game experience, it would be really, really great to increase the durability some more :D.

2.-Hoes do not replant and harvest, it doesnt really work, not even sneaking or standing.

3.- The scythe, even tho it works like a hoe, when it comes to breaking blocks like wheat bales, sculk and its variants, etc. It works as if you were using any ither tool, i domt quite remember if leaves were succesfully harvested, but would be alr to check.

4.-Lastly, and the second biggest issue ive found, is that hammers (only hammers, for what ive seem), function like a normal pickaxe, or even like if you were breaking blocks bare handed, with blocks like tuff, amatheyst aswell as smooth basalt, basalt, bone blocks (sometimes), concrete, and some more blocks that i cant think of right now.

I hope they can be easily, and soonly fixed.
Still, its an amazing addon, and makes the game a million times more fun to play :D.
Update to pleaseeee.
for the experience what to turn on to perfectly play this? does it not work when crashing into another addon?
Atualize o addon para a versão
When will it update for
the hoe and scythe is not replanting for me for some reason. any ideas?
The best addon for a better vanilla experience. But I and my friends can't import it anymore, if u could change the file format from "mcpack or zip" to "mcaddon" I think that would solve it. Btw 5 stars addon (and sorry for my bad english)
Try downloading it through the platform's app, there the addon goes directly to mine.
Don't work, I already tried to dowloand through the plataform app :( thx for the help. I'm waiting for the next addon :)
Oh yes, now I understand! Maybe it's because of how it's written in the download, I'll fix that soon! thanks for the feedback :)
Cant import
Try the app, the addon goes directly to the game there.
ayuda, aparece error con ID'7dbb687b-3f90-4b7b-9ba5-4778a2609b42' y version '1.0?0'. como soluciona eso?
não sei se o problema é só meu, mas o machado do vanilla simplesmente perdeu a textura, tá invisível. O item aparece normal no inventário do criativo, mas some ao colocar no inventário. Tirando isso, addon perfeito mt bom
En realms no funciona completamente, gracias por actualizarlo pero solo funciona en mundos off-line. en realms solo funcionan las herramientas pero el sistema de ataque está bug