Published on January 07, 2022 (Updated on January 08, 2022)

More Rideable

More Rideable is an addition for those who want to ride more animals and monsters in Minecraft.

You especially can't ride animals and monsters in the vanilla version of the game. Do you want, for example, to ride endermans, witch, slimes and other monsters? Just download this addon to get this chance, remember to enable Experimental gameplay mode before you use this addon. I hope you like it, download and enjoy

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You literally copied me with minor edits, least you could of done was give some credit at least.
of course he did after all his ground tameables need the same components that your warden tameable needs
hey Zetro? what experimental features do i have to activate? is it all of them?
Hey Zetro? Is it possible to lower the sitting/riding animation when riding other players? When you sit on a players head your REALLY high above them, I hoping there could be a fix?
That's cool and all, but can the mobs ride me? 😏
I think if had how to use the addon on cell phone, there would be more people who would download