Published on August 17, 2020 (Updated on March 25, 2023)

More So Less Snore Update 1.4.0

The More So Less Snore is an ever-growing expansion to the game. It will be constantly updated to improve parts of the game where I (and my patrons) see fit. This add-on will add mobs, structures, items, weapons, armor, and so much more! This is the Little Fixes Update of MSLS. More Bows and Upgradable health are some of the newer additions!

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MSLS Version 1.4.1:


| Blocks |  


-Fixed: False Stone Brick Door

-Fixed: False Cobblestone Door


| Mobs |


-Fixed: Player Dynamic Lighting



MSLS Version 1.4.0:


| Blocks |  


-Added: False Stone Brick Door

-Added: False Cobblestone Door

-Added: Loot Vases (upon breaking will drop loot and maybe some other stuff)

-Added: Iron Sword in Stone

-Added Iron Tipped Arrow in Stone

-Added Mysterious Grass Path

-Updated: Mysterious Grass can now be bonemealed to spread

-Updated: Mysterious Grass can now be pathed

-Updated: Mysterious Grass can now be tilled into wet farmland

-Updated: Mysterious Grass now grows correctly on dirt

-Updated: Avicti Flower Texture

-Updated: Mysterious Tall Grass Texture

-Updated: Obsidian Chest

-Updated: Red and White with Snowflakes Present can now be "opened" to drop loot

-Updated: Constilatum Ore can now be found in the ore group

-Fixed: Happy Gas works once again



| Mobs |


-Added: Snow Slimes

-Added: Shadow Abomination (currently not findable)

-Added: Ruin Ghast

-Updated: Chickens no longer take Fall Damage

-Updated: Zombie Chickens now fall slowly

-Updated: Zombie Chickens are no longer able to take damage from Instant Health

-Updated: Player speed is affected by what they are wearing

-Updated: Dungeon Zombies now carry Swords

-Updated: Dungeon Skeletons now carry Iron Maces

-Updated: Obsidian Skeleton now has Skeleton Model and better Texture



| Items |  


-Added: Iron Sword (msls:iron_sword2)

-Added: Iron Mace (msls:iron_mace)

-Added: MSLS Greeb Painting

-Added: Love It Cannon Painting

-Added: Mona Lisa Painting

-Added: Sic Painting "The whole thing, I think it's sick."

-Added: Skyblock Painting

-Added: Rotting Heart

-Added: Obsidian Bundle

-Added: Eggnog

-Added: Strider String (used to craft Netherite Bow)

-Updated: Netherite Tipped Arrows now don't break on hit

-Updated: Bone Tipped Arrows now deal more damage, but are now slower

-Updated: Ritual Mask can now be worn

-Updated: Shattered Mask can now be worn

-Updated: Carver Boots protection from 4 to 6

-Updated: Carver Leggings protection from 7 to 9

-Updated: Carver Chestplate protection from 9 to 11

-Updated: Carver Helmet protection from 4 to 6

-Updated: Carver Armor set now slows down the player when worn


| Structures |


-Added: randomly generated loot vases

-Added: Battle Towers (0.01)

-Updated: Obsidian Tower

-Updated: Housething now has a chance to not have a basement


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you should update this to 1.20+
Please update to 1.20!
you should update this to 1.20+
Very cool. Also you should use linkvertise.
still a good addon even after 1 - 2 years of kathiggering and tinkering
one of the best addons
but I recommend that you use linkvertise as a download link, you will not regret it
Nah, I'm sorry, But I think just leaving it direct is more prominent for him to do. Mainly because with Linkvertize, the process becomes too long. I seen so many mods here use that, and each one always makes me have to Download an App I really don't want and Run it every single time just to gain access to The Download link for the mod. I don't think it would be good for others to have to go through the same long and arduous process... Even if the whole thing meant to make money in very tiny amounts.

It's the maker's choice, and I won't hold it against him in the end if he chose to go with it. I just personally think it would just end up bad for everyone who wants to try the mod, only to be needing to do the whole "Complete the Survey" Type Malarkey just to do it.
you dont need to download anything. If anything, start the download and then cancel it, wait 1 minute and it will allow you to download the addon.
But yeah, no linkvertise is always better :D
I'm Japanese ?
Giorno Giovanna Ger April 04, 2023 at 9:00 pm
Use linkvertise as link for download
You definitely deserved
Is there a gigabunny
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
new msls update omg1!!!!!111!111!11!!!11!!
Lol let's just ignore that every image is the same
nexo12-the-minecraft-man August 29, 2022 at 10:53 am
make it not use experimental if you can
loaded up on xbox and apart from a few new crafting recipes for fake grass and spikes and a white colored cow, nothing else spawns in the world :(
correction: few abandoned houses spawn in. No new mobs, no nothing :(
Most things are rare (mostly talking about structures). I am trying to add to the game, not override it. Also the Deepslate Zombies and Deep spiders should be prevelant throughout the entire deep underground. You may not be looking hard enough. As well as that, the nether is fill of MSLS features so I guess watch out for that.
I getcha, checking out the underground and nether for sure!
among us egg sus
This is my favourite addon I'm very happy that now it works in 1.18
lolzzz of the sussy April 15, 2022 at 10:57 pm
Oh and also I didn't get poison when hit by the maylac zombie