More So Less Snore (FE)

The More So Less Snore is an ever-growing expansion to the game. It will be constantly updated to improve parts of the game where I (and my patrons) see fit. This add-on will add mobs, structures, items, and weapons (waiting for better add-on support to add bows, swords, armor, etc.) 

The FE version of this add-on includes:

1 ore

14 new mobs

5 new blocks

42 new randomly generated structures

And more will be added!

Constilatum Ore (spawns randomly)

Ore Pig (eats blocks)

-spawns in structures

Wandering Miner and Mineshaft (has loot)

-spawns in structures

Villager Miner (has dynamic lighting and good trades)

-spawns in structures

Cave Zombie (doesn’t burn in daylight)

-spawns underground

Hell Cow 

-spawns in soul sand valley

Hell Flyer

-spawns in nether wastes

Possessed Ravager

-spawns in nether

Demon Skeleton

-spawns in Demon Heads


-spawns in Towers

Skilled Skeleton

-spawns underground


-spawns anywhere

White Cow

-spawns same as cow

Dungeon Skeleton

-spawns in dungeons and in the stronghold

Dungeon Zombie

-spawns in dungeons and in the stronghold

Big grassy cave (has awesome loot)

A farming bunker (has lots of crops)

Pillager Campsite

Ore hole

Graveyard (has loot)

Battle Tower


Ruined House


Loot boxes that spawn in some of the structures

Sentry Heart

Health Boost Level One

Health Boost Level Two

Some great reviews by PrinceMJ:

(go subscribe to him)

I hope you enjoy this add-on!


This is the Free Version of this add-on

If you want to support me you can:

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel:

Become a Patron:


Supporting me will definitely speed up add-on making speed. It’s only $1/€1/£1/Month

You also get exclusive content, updates to my add-ons that have exclusive features.


You may not re-upload this anywhere, post your own links.

You may review this add-on if you credit my YouTube Channel and post a link to my patreon. That’s all.

This uses Adfly , if you don’t know how to use Adfly please go watch a video on how to use it.

Changelog View more

-Fixed some animations

-fixed the models of Demon Skeleton and Hell Cow

-Abomination is now visible

-Removed the structures from the main pack to avoid crashes of the base game

(also sorry for the loads of videos, I will try to condense them into a much larger video next update)

-waiting for the beta to be fully released

-added videos for help with crafting recipes

-bugs and fixes will be made soon

-added 8 mobs

-added 28 new structures

*watch my videos for recipes and for updates*

-Added Hell Flyer

-Changed structure spawn rate

-Fixed Text Issues


Wait 5 seconds, skip and wait.


Supported Minecraft versions


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46 Responses

4.63 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Jackypackpack2 says:

    Dude the only thing I was excited about in this pack was the structures, it feels like you put more effort into the mobs than the structures part. It kind of sucks because the structures addon crashes withing 1 minute of the game. It would be cool if you optimized and debugged the structures part too.

  2. bruh iceologer says:

    can you pls turn the top ruined house into camp fire

  3. RedTron3007 says:

    make the ore pig look even better

  4. Amakka says:

    Mine is crashing as well, even with chunks lowered to 16 well below the suggested 32.

    I get an instant CTD using just this mod, 1.16.4 win10 Minecraft, map seed -1595215875. Sometimes it will let me run around for 2 seconds (on min video settings) before CTD, I suspect it might be trying to generate bad structure.

    Hope you update, looks awesome. Would love to try.

  5. Punnybones27 says:

    It keeps crashing, how can I fix this?

  6. I am getting a bug that the hell cow thing texture is bugging out and the abomination is invisible

  7. Ailhart Taiga says:

    It looks very cool.

  8. RatoPower says:

    Otimo addon, mas quando coloquei no addonpack os mobs ficaram com a textura bugada, tirando isso ta excelente😉😎

  9. Hellopeople1300 says:

    Nice addon

  10. joe847802 says:

    this is looking even better than before. Tho quick question, isn’t there a current bug in the game that causes the game to crash if custom mobs spawn with structures specifically? I know the guy who’s making the more structures addon ran into an issue where if he made his mummies spawn in pyramids, the game crashes. He solved that by making them spawn from mob spawners instead. I was wondering, does your addon crash by having the mobs spawn with structures?

    • To be honest, it’s a little bit unreliable. I tried to cut most of the big structures that had a high chance of crashing the game. I haven’t had much troubles with tiny structures that had custom mobs. Both of these problems are on the bug tracker as of now, and they are being fixed. Hopefully in the future all these things will be fixed, which will then let put all of the features into the next update.

  11. Michael Myers says:

    please,add more terryfing creature

  12. Yram67 says:

    This addon is great! Putting aside that it loses some of the Vanilla essence, the additions are very creative! I would like to be able to differentiate between the cave zombie and the normal one with something on its skin, but that does not mean that it is great!

  13. BigClarky says:

    Very cool addon.

  14. Fly4blunt says:

    could you add some more cave Bioms like a Crystal Cave Bio and a few Dungeonsm

  15. To those who are having problems, you may just be downloading the same pack. My MediaFire is showing that one pack has more downloads than the other.

  16. Vikko says:

    Hey, The Add-on Looks So Cool, but It says Failed to import, I need an Zip Archive please

  17. PrinceMJ says:

    Awesome Expansion Pack Dude!!! I Subbed To Your Channel To Support You. Good Luck on The Future Of This Pack. I Had Fun Reviewing This Pack On My Channel 😀

  18. xRandomyzxXD says:

    This look like a small cave update….
    Great!. I love it!

  19. Lmao I thought you stole from the maker of the jungle structures addon then I found it then realized you where the same guy lol

      • Thank you so much! I’m glad you are enjoying the content I’m putting. You may have read it but I have a patreon. The lowest tier is 1 dollar a month and it would be great opportunity for both of us. You get exclusive add-on features and more. If you have the highest tier, which is only 3 dollars a month, you will be entered into a monthly minecoin giveaway! If not, it’s all good. Anyways, no more shameless plugging. I just want to say thanks!

  20. GibbsX says:

    Hey you can now use custom chest in your addons it will improve them a bit more and make it feel more vanilla

  21. joe847802 says:

    does it work on realms?

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