Published on January 06, 2020

More Turrets Add-on (1.14+)

If you feel alone in your base while monsters are spread about your world, use this add-on since it adds 8 turrets into the game. Each turret has its special purpose like the water turret and the shulker turret. This add-on adds 8 entities into the game that can be crafted in survival. These entities can protect your base and automatically farm for you.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

To anyone reading this in 2022, yes, this mod does work for 1.18.10, I'm not sure if it will work with any other versions. To be safe, you probably should enable all the experimental gameplay toggles to maximize the chance of the mod working on your world.
thank you
in the futer can you make a addon like mini mob grinder expet it makes mob dna and when you combine the dna you get a new mob. also another where you can shear any mob and get armor thx not forcing you
Guys does this work on 1.17+? Pls reply if yoy tested it on 1.17
So the turrents work just fine BUT I can not get them in survival without commands like
/summon raigen:arrow_turret ~ ~ ~
Nice addon! Just one suggestion. Are you able to not make them attack creepers? I don’t want them to explode and ruin the turrets.
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Where will you put the mcaddon file? I have no idea cuz I usually use add-ons with Tex and beh files
love this but why 3 auto turret in description
Some why the mod doesn't work for me. I can get the blueprints but I can't make the table or any of the turrets.
I can get the turrets but for some reason i cant find the blueprints
Guest-6751769869 May 12, 2020 at 7:08 am
How in the world do you use the item ground thing? I read the desc and I didn't understand
It is said that water turrets only target blazes. Take a look on the description of each turret which has its own type of mobs to attack
Why water turrets not shooting any mobs
Unless other turrets accident shoot him and he shoot the turret ho shoot him.
It is said that water turrets only target blazes. Take a look on the description of each turret which has its own type of mobs to attack
How do you get the blueprints?
can't access the mod but probably good (url shorteners are broken in 2020)
IDk i was wondering also
Great, It’s very cool if you have lots of strong creature mods. But please do fix when skeletons are attacked they don’t shoot back why is this? If it’s a reason then let me know and I give this 5 stars