Morphing Bracelet [ALPHA]

Morphing Bracelet is a brand new item that allows players to morph into several mobs! Do you want to be a creeper and explode your friend's house? Well, now you can! With this addon, you can start your journey and collect as many morphs as you can!

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0.1.6 Update (1.20.40)


New Mobs!

  • Elder Guardian
  • Tropical Fish
  • Shulker
  • Sniffer
  • Warden
  • Pufferfish


Changes and Fixes

  • The color of the name of the teleportation item of the Enderman has been removed to match other items
  • Fixed a bug where changing to creative mode won't fully heal your health
  • Removed the reserved slot feature
  • Improved the creeper's explosion ability
  • The swimming animation of the salmon and the cod morph now also plays when the player is levitating to match vanilla entities
  • Adjusted the cod flopping animation to be centered
  • Fixed a bug that plays the morphing effect multiple times when dropping the bracelet (For real this time.. hopefully)
  • Bats now have night vision
  • The evoker fang item is now triggered automatically once used without having to hold to charge it
  • Teleporting as an enderman now doesn't damage you anymore!
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to damage players and fishes while morphed as a slime or a magma cube
  • Iron golem attacking animation is now the same as the actual mob


Technical Changes

  • The "morph:guardian_on_land" component group from the guardian morph event has been removed because it doesn't exist
  • Morphs' abilities scripts has been separated to a different folder
  • Creeper's explosion ability has been moved to the API
  • Enderman's teleportation ability has been moved to the API



  • Morphing Bracelet (1.31 MB)

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Pinned comment
Make sure to turn on all experimental toggles in the Add-on Creators section and education edition toggles so the addon will work properly ^-^
Can someone please give me a link of the addon that supports 1.20.0
Looking forward to the next update becoming the ender dragon will be crazy but I hope you update it when ever it stops in some some minecraft updates because this is the best morph addon out there
Also creates a different variant for pillager king who wears a banner on his head!
Also when morphed into the warden when any animal or any entity, player is nearby you his footsteps voice would be listen to us and creates a animation of a been coming towards the antlers if the warden also makes it more realistic!
Increase the probability of getting more damage and decrease the probability of getting lower damage also one more thing that when you morphed into an wolf and someone attacks you then the other wolves that are nearby would violent on the attacker and attacks it makes it more realistic.
Might be copy can you prove me otherwise
I can't fly using the flying mob in survival
i cant import it! Btw im on version 1.20.13
Porfavor, podrías hacer que sea compatible con mobs de otros addons sería fantástico en serio
I can't import this mod I think because my device is phone
can u maybe add something that u could sit as a fox?
or how much hit it takes in real game to kill different mobs according to their health in real game tha k you I hope you will give this update in next morphing bracelet update love and this time will nit forget to wish you happy birthday
i already told you that the iron golem morph has the same attack damage as the actual mob, it just depends on luck on how much it will deal damage to mobs
it unable to kills most enemies in two hits while it takes 4 hits to take down pillagers Or vindicators please code it in respect to the minecraft coding my friends easily caught while I morph into iron golem really disappoint me so please try to work on it in respect to kill mostly mobs in 2 hits
two hits also he can able to hit through walls that is made of single block layer everything is good please work on damage according to the minecraft coding this really helps me a lot thank you, I also remembers that you say that damage is identical to iron golm but still make it similar to a actual