Published on December 02, 2021 (Updated on June 08, 2023)

Music Player

Ever wanted to play Minecraft music on-demand? With this resource pack, you can play Minecraft’s music in-game using a custom interface!

Does an update add new music? This pack will be updated!

You may use the code in this pack to learn, but must not copy directly.

This pack can be included in any maps as long as credit is clearly given.

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Version 1.4.0 - Trails & Tales

  • Altered note button icon colour to match a Cherry Grove theme
  • Album tracks are now in album order, rather than A-Z
  • Moved "13" to "Volume Alpha" album
  • Added "Trails & Tales" album
  • Added "Echo in the Wind", "A Familiar Room", "Bromeliad", "Crescent Dunes" and "Relic" by Aaron Cherof
  • Added artist card for Aaron Cherof


Supported Minecraft versions

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How this resource pack can get the names of the songs from .lang file in "Custom Mudic" pack ??
Hey QuazChick, I can translate your resource pack into Russian and post it on Planet Minecraft? Of course I will mention you in the credits. Sorry for bad English 😅
Plz add vdx ui compatibility
Can you do tutorial Add custom song in YouTube pls 🙏
animal lover [real] June 20, 2023 at 2:22 pm
This comment has been removed
hola y adios
Hey. I REALLY Dont wanna sound rude.... But i gotta know! Was this Copied from the the Music Player+ Resource pack?
Bro thats different, this resource pack is more better than +music player you just only download 4kb and better gui
Great pack, although i have a suggestion.
You should be able to add music authors, and it would show it as a light grey text below the song name. It would be a pretty dope feature.
As Of Current Version Of New 1.19.30 The IOS And Android Has No Longer Need Music Pack From Marketplace, Keep On Player If Need Without Require Music Pack Addon As Well
Mellohipretty💿 July 24, 2022 at 11:39 pm
I hear 2 musics at the same time one from the menu and the background musics that play how do i fix it
If you want to mute the default Minecraft background music, you can set the "Music" audio slider in settings to 0. Music Player music volume is controlled by the "Sound" slider
honestly very good, it works great on console! I was just wondering if you could add a loop system for a song or album.
Either way great work and really happy because the other music-plus addon didn't work but yours does!
Umm can you delete music disc in your music player its already have in Minecraft (I mean it's disc item already have in Minecraft ok)
Hello, my name's Miau,
I really like your pack, it's the best UI addition I've ever found and I use it most of the time playing.

I would like to use your pack as a subpack for my pack MiauMatti Tweaks (isn't out so far, working on it) if it is OK for you. Please tell me, if it isn't OK, i will just leave it out.
Thank you, ~MiauMattiMCPE (=^.^=)
this is AMAZING