Published on December 02, 2021 (Updated on June 11, 2022)

Music Player

Ever wanted to play Minecraft music on-demand? With this resource pack, you can play Minecraft’s music using a custom interface!

Does an update add new music? This pack will be updated!

You may use the code in this pack to learn, but must not copy directly.

This pack can be included in any maps as long as credit is clearly given.

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Wild Update:


  • Added track count on album tabs
  • Added "The Wild Update" album
  • Added "Firebugs", "Aerie" and "Labyrinthine" by Lena Raine
  • Added "5" by Samuel Åberg
  • Updated "Caves & Cliffs" album's cover image
  • Added previously unused "Ancestry" by Lena Raine to "Caves & Cliffs" album
  • Added artist card for Samuel Åberg
  • Altered title panel, note icon colours and Music Player button textures
  • Removed unused tab code


  • "Ancestry" now plays correctly


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Pinned comment
NOTE: Players on iOS, Android or FireOS will need to get the free Minecraft Original Music Pack from the Marketplace to hear music!
I hear 2 musics at the same time one from the menu and the background musics that play how do i fix it
If you want to mute the default Minecraft background music, you can set the "Music" audio slider in settings to 0. Music Player music volume is controlled by the "Sound" slider
honestly very good, it works great on console! I was just wondering if you could add a loop system for a song or album.
Either way great work and really happy because the other music-plus addon didn't work but yours does!
Umm can you delete music disc in your music player its already have in Minecraft (I mean it's disc item already have in Minecraft ok)
Hello, my name's Miau,
I really like your pack, it's the best UI addition I've ever found and I use it most of the time playing.

I would like to use your pack as a subpack for my pack MiauMatti Tweaks (isn't out so far, working on it) if it is OK for you. Please tell me, if it isn't OK, i will just leave it out.
Thank you, ~MiauMattiMCPE (=^.^=)
this is AMAZING
Someone did this already
same but the pack i have does not have wild update yet unless if there is a update
I cant use this since im on xbox could you do a mediafire link then i would be able to acces it that would be amazing. 👍👍👍😊😊
Are there issues with the current downloads?
Great Pack:)

Anyways how can i change the "Custom Artist" name?
you can change it in "texts/en_US.lang", it's on line 3: " Artist"
Absolutely fantastic pack, well optimized, and extremely lightweight as well!

I have but one suggestion if it's doable, and that is a tab or alternative pack to load custom music. Sure, it would require the user to add the songs to the list of ones to load, but I think enough people would use it to warrant it being added
how to add custom music for mobile version?
people do not use this is virus and also in the Minecraft market there is an * official * music package and it is free
Exactly. No music player works. It must be a Behaviour Pack and a Resource Pack to override the default programme.
Read the desc. m8. It literally says u have to download the music pack on marketplace, basically that pack is the only way music can play in game. It isnt a virus, maybe ur device is a potato, it works, so ya.
Get the music pack, then get this pack. Ez.
Correction, the pinned comment
Great pack! The way the buttons and everything are set up make it look really official, and it even has artist descriptions!
Good music pack, does what it advertises. However, on console, you are unable to switch between tabs and only able to play the music from the tab you start on. All in all, solid music pack. Wish there was a loop feature though.
Controller navigation should now be far better
If I find a way to add a loop feature, I'll add it!
If u have a mouse cursor u probably could.
Good Work Bro! Can Merge in My Own UI Pack, This is Better than AgentMindStorm's Music+