Published on September 11, 2023

Nacht der Untoten in Minecraft! (Completely Vanilla)

The first map in all of Call of Duty Zombies has been remade into Minecraft. This zombie survival experience is completely vanilla (No mods) and it has a few more additions in it to make it more interesting. It has 3 Perks in it now instead of 1. Juggernog, Stamin' Up, and Double Tap. These 3 perks can help you survive through the challenging waves of zombies. There is also a whole new easter egg to unlock Pack-a-Punch!! However, I'm not gonna tell you how to do it. The clues are in the map for you to find. Also you can play this with up to 6 players! Trust me when I say that the more people are with you, the better the easier the experience will be. And to add on to everything, this map of course contains things such as wall buys, working barriers that you can fix, and of course, the mystery box!! So go have fun and test your skills in Nacht der Untoten in Minecraft. 



  • Blocky_Zombies.mcworld (217.93 KB)

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