Published on March 27, 2024

Nanobana Kinako's Train Addon Testing Map

Nanobana Kinako's Train Addon testing map is a map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Created for testing many train addon in the game. The map can support 1.17.41 and later version. There are 6 stations in ths test map.This is the map which Nanobana Kinako uses to test many train addons that come to her interest and prior to making her railway projects.

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Train Addons are not included in this map because I don't own them. These are created by Official_TrainMakerPH1 which you can find in his YouTube channel.



  • Train_Addon_Testing_Map.mcworld (9.23 MB)
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what was the color of the train!!!!
You mean model? That's MRTC 3000 Class, It's a Czech Tatra train from Czech Republic operating in Manila MRT Line 3.
pro9garry10pargote March 29, 2024 at 3:06 am
Yes, this is work
smash, next question