Published on October 05, 2023 (Updated on July 10, 2024)

Necromancer Boss

The world of Minecraft is about to become even more exciting with the new Necromancer Boss addon. This incredible add-on features a dark and powerful character that will challenge even the most experienced players. The Necromancer Boss comes equipped with a mysterious staff, filled with dark magic, capable of casting devastating spells and controlling dark creatures. What really intrigues players is the mysterious mask that the Necromancer Boss wears. He hides his true identity and adds a touch of mystery to the epic battle that unfolds as players try to defeat him. The mask also plays an important role in this addon's story, leaving players curious to discover the secrets behind the character.

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  • Now when you use the magic staff's poison ability, 
    it will damage all mobs, 
    death bug fixed
    link changed
    all animations improved
    repaired staff
    not just players
    fixed animation bug
    concerted pool of acid
    boss animation fixed
    Improved punch animation
    Improved boss hitting animation
    Improved floor boss animation
    new walking animation added to the boss
    modified skeleton horse
    combat bug resolved
    support for minecraft 1.21
    modified staff
    all staff abilities modified for 1.21



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Making us go through 3 total sets of advertising sites for the mod INCLUDING linkvertise is actually the scummiest thing a person can do.
can you make these mods for bedrock? I mean most of the mods/addons on this website are for bedrock and I get disappointed when I cant use your mods
It is for bedrock tho
hola so TnTespa todo bien yo ablo es pañol solo que medio chueco July 13, 2024 at 2:02 pm
porque que aí que ativar los ajustes de aldeano?
muito bom, sou seu fã esse mode e incrível
Is there an update to 1.21?
After downloading it my sensitivity in game has been extremely slow even though i am on max sens has this happened to anyone else and if so do you have a fix for it?
add boss music its so boring fighting it and make it a little bigger and more health since its so easy to kill
can you pleas make a 1.20.81 version
how do i spawn the boss i made and tried to use the mask and it didnt spawn him
no linkvertise please..
5/5 Star woww
Does this use player.json?
El link de descarga no sirve la página no carga bien