Published on October 18, 2021 (Updated on October 17, 2021)

Neo's Wardrobe

Hi! Call me Neo, I made a skin pack I use all the time now and wanted to share it with my fans (with a few rules kept in place to stop impersonation)  Scroll down to see my current skins!

=Here is the normal Neo, I normally use it during Spring and Summer times

Here is the female version of Neo, for an upcoming video of mine

Here is an older version of my Character, used now during Autumn and Winter

Here is the Halloween version of Neo, I will only use him for my upcoming Halloween video and videos after that along with all of October off-camera

Here is the Warrior Neo, I usually use him on PVP servers where it makes more sense

The engineer Neo (for all the redstone lovers here, including me. Also my personal favorite) It is based off of the Terraria NPC called "The Mechanic"

And lastly wounded Neo, I really only use this for roleplaying and don't really like it because it doesn't suit my cute and cartoonish type of style I'm going for

This is the New Squid Game Neo! I just made this for any squid game minigames yall are obviously gonna be playing.

I will add more soon! (Once my brain would work)

Select version for changelog:


Added a new skin along with a new thumbnail because mcpedl wouldn't accept it


I hope you enjoy my pack now PLEASE read the rules


Impersonate me in any way whatsoever using this pack

Claim as your own


Credit me if you're making a YouTube video

Use on your own worlds or with friends that know you

Enjoy your day!


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