New Adventure Plus - Addon!

Adds new mobs, new food ( Vanilla texture style ).

Adding old concepts, ideas, and myths.

Added more rare mobs and variations of mobs.

Adding new features to old things!

Use these #NewAdventurePlus, #Endermare, so that I can find your reviews :) 

Added A Chest With Things

/structure load chest_addons ~ ~ ~

There are a lot of things from the addon in the chest


Added soul Pumpkin

Created from Jack's pumpkin and the soul torch underneath, have a terrible Halloween 🤡

Added Monster of Caves Depths ! ! ! ( Suggest : DevastatorX5 )

It spawn for water deep caves

Dangerous for miners who do not expect his vile deadly language ⛏

It is an analog of a creature with minecon ( Mob A )


Added Glare ! ! !

Appears in lush caves, afraid of monsters


Added cemetery

All over the world, you can find the graves of long-dead miners, farmers and warriors. Perhaps if you start digging, you will be able to find the button from the clothes


Added Brown Spider ! ! ! ( Suggest : Mine Dragon )

It spawn for deep caves

It hurts to attack. (effect wither)             

At death, a special eye falls

It is based on his version of survival Test in 2009


Added Not A Ship Anymore ! ! !

A beach house rebuilt from the wreckage of a ship, in which a pirate lives ( Suggest : Liam TDP 14 )


Added Crabs ! ! !

Beach crab appears in rivers, oceans, and throw a claw with meat, claw with meat you can cook and feed tired sailors.
A beach crab can carry a nautilus shell on its back.

Propagated by seagrass, dried_kelp and tropical fish (Suggest : BigGuy_with_a_big_fish).

There is also Mushroom Crab, we assume that this mobs began to eat mushrooms, as a result of which it became a mushroom carrier.
Propagated by seagrass and red mushroom (They have become completely herbivorous).


Updating the beach

The beaches have become even more beachy

I scattered palm trees and shells along the beach coast, which gave them a more appropriate look, as well as coconuts can be found on palm trees...


Added White Enderman ! ! !

Found in the Nether, in the Warped Forest! Appears very rarely, has a trophy. Created based on a myth that originated in Minecraft 1.8...


Added Ender Phantom - Endermare ! ! !
A version of the phantoms from Ender's world. The texture of the mob is based on the texture from the snapshot 18w07a.
They appear in Ender's world.
They often become messengers of death, Thanks to a large number, they often enrage or lead to death.
To survive, create a bow, armor and arrows.

In ender world, you can often find their nests, endermare do not care about their offspring...


Added Brute Enderman ! ! !

Found in the Deep Ender World, Appears very-very rarely, very dangerous and has a trophy...


Added New Frame ! ! !

16 colors and some youtubers:

  • Nerkin, ZloyXp, Dax, Dream, Bav, 
    Mr Pleer, Циан, Mine Dragon, SystemZee, 
    Stepinght and Creator Addon ⛏

-Can be painted in all 16 colors.

-Great decoration for your home.

-Craft for paper and 8 sticks.

-Created with Ender Eye.

-Favorite youtubers and player.


Added Red Phantom ! ! ! ( Suggest : Haydencraft2008 )

Added new version of the phantoms, red phantoms! From the concepts shown by Mojang.

It appears at night even if you were asleep.

he can destroy a sheep farm if you are a careless player 👁


Added balloons Created from a phantom membrane ! ! !

With the condition that in world will be included "Education world".

Created from - wool, phantom membrane, lead.

You can use wool in all 16 colors.


Added Ice Bomb ! ! !

Created from - 4 ice, snowball.


Added New Flowers ! ! !

Roses - New flowers, you can get dyes and soup from them, they say there is a blue kind of this flower. I wonder why the rose turned out to be blue...

Cactus Flower - New flowers growing on cacti in deserts from them you can get dyes and soup...


Added Mesa Tower

A rare structure in the Mesa desert, the locals say that some treasures were hidden there, but we found only one chest


Added Surfaced Ships

On the ship, only new blocks...


Added Jungle Well ( Create : SpydoroCRAFT )

I wonder what's at the bottom


-Added Jungle Post

These posts look very old


-Added Deepslate Amethyst Ore

Very rare event when amethysts are found in caves as ore


Added Taiga Bear ! ! !

Strong, will protect his relatives and spawn in the forest


Added New Skeletons, Zombies and Drowneds

More undead variations! The skeleton carries a quiver of arrows ( Suggest : Crash door 207 ), A zombie with a logo known to the whole square world! And many other undead creatures that you have met!


Added Copper Armor:

Made of dense pieces of copper. Copper armor when created, it is increasingly oxidized, difficult work, but about like iron, but not as durable...


Added create a Leather from the Flesh:


Hunger (Creative Items)

Hunger item acquired in the creative. /gamemode survival, and you get a hunger after eating the item


Coming soon ! ! !

Be sure to enable all 3 - "Experimental gameplay" and "Education Edition" in the world settings

Translated by Legendary Creeper

Select version for changelog:


-Design of some things redesigned

-Added bugs

-Fix bugs

-Added Glare



1. Download .McPack

2. Apply the packs for a world

3. Be sure to enable all 3 - "Experimental gameplay" and "Education Edition" in the world settings

4. Create the world


Supported Minecraft versions

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4.7 / 5 (102 votes)
Will you make the Glare tameable with Glow Berries & add the Enderwoman?
(Also, You need permission from Raboy13 for the Enderman animations for the Enderwoman.)
Damn, this creator is prefect. 👌
Would love to see Crocodiles in swamps & sharks in warm waters.
Maybe someday they will appear 👌 Thank you for your kind words
Is there a way I can disable copper armor? Every person who makes addons and their mother added copper armor to their addons and I want to use this with other addons. Is there a way I can do it?
learn how to modify Resource pack and Behavior pack
dig around in the behavior and resource pack and you'll be able to delete it from the files. should take less than 5 minutes
straw man
Ender golem
giant crab
Lava fish
pink button
Zombie mushroom
Chicken mushroom
Skeleton mushroom
lhama mushroom
Creeper mushroom
mushroom man
Creeper downed
Long axolt
Baby creeper
Baby skeleton
Baby enderman
Baby ghast
Red panda
Swamp zombie
Swamp skeleton
Swamp Creeper
Bee queen

mini Spider
cricket >Larva>Cocoon>Moth our Butterfly Chocolate
I accidentally added chocolate at the end
Thank you, I'm going to add new species, and they are bigger and more aggressive than normal crabs ( giant crab ) ⛏
This guy is one of my all time favorite creators
What about Copper Golem and Iceologer?
Copper Golem is ready only in texture and model
is this only for 1.17
because i would like 1.18
Could you add a mediafare link for Xbox users? Mediafire is the only way we can download it.
Jeff the SeaSerpent January 13, 2022 at 11:48 am
If you add a MediaFire link please don't terminate the .mcaddon link that MCPEDL provides.
You should update your grammar tbh
err where is the resource pack of it ;-;
mine dont have texture