Published on August 28, 2020 (Updated on May 07, 2022)

New Adventure Plus - Addon!

Adds new mobs, new food ( Vanilla texture style ).

Adding old concepts, ideas, and myths.

Added more rare mobs and variations of mobs.

Adding new features to old things!

Use these #NewAdventurePlus, #Endermare, so that I can find your reviews :) 

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-Added Web Block

-Added Spider Dungeons

Added Salmon Skeleton

-Added Catfish

-Added Caviar Catfish

-Hid the spawning eggs of some not-so-interesting mobs

-Egg spawn colours changed

-Added bugs

-Fix Bugs



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linck caido :C
Me sale el enlace a caducado:(
No se que se podria hacer ahi
Love this mod for its mobs but I have been unable to find any structures. I am playing on minecraft edu so I am not sure if this is a bedrock only thing.
Me dice enlace caducado bro
Hello, you should make different slimes for different biomes, example, your walking down a beach when suddenly a sand slime pops out of the sand and attacks, killing it has a rare change to get a slimy leash, which would spawn a pet slime based off the slime they killed.
Hi, for some reason the addon doesn't work for me.
Hello, I love the concept of your add-on, however, I can't load it on my phone. Is there any reason why?
can you add for the vanilla structures their special items that can only be found there
R3FAL BUKAN PSATIR May 29, 2022 at 11:10 am
add the mosquito, it's as size as a wolf in minecraft, btw does this addon support 1.18.02 and more versions at 1.18
R3FAL BUKAN PSATIR May 29, 2022 at 11:03 am
This comment has been removed
add a boss
real mod
i think it would be nice if you added some more friendly land creatures, like ostrich or bison.
Can you add cobra snakes ?
They are live in deserts and savannahs.
They are eat rabbits, chikens and baby cobras.
If the cobra has an open hoodie, the monsters get scared and run away.
If the player gets close, the cobra open its hoodie and waits 5 seconds for it to move away. If player not far away, he attacks quickly (very fast) and poisons you for 20 seconds.
You can calm them down with a snake flute made from phantom membranes.
Drops a snake skin from cobras every 15-20 minecraft days.
Phantom membrane and whip can be made with snake skin.
You can mate cobras with eggs. A cobra then lays its eggs in a dark place and moves away from it. Crabs can attack eggs.
If you feed the puppies raw meat they will grow fast and will leave snake skin when they grow up.