Update!!! New Generation Ancient Builder

Do you already know Minecraft Lore? and you must know why all the ancient builders disappeared? there are several reasons they disappeared, one of which was the wither raid because of their own doing. and we as players are one of them. but you are alone, now be happy because this addon will give you friends 

This addon will give the atmosphere of the return of the long lost ancient builders , so you will get a more cool feel.

this addon is inspired from "Human addon" , "Villager soldier" , and of course "Addon Partner"

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  1. added 3 mobs new!!!
  2. still in development
  3. after this will update zombie invasion addon? 
  4. added some features 


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I don't know if it's a bug or not, but when I take damage from neutral creatures or attack peaceful or neutral creatures, they don't attack. But the Addon is very good!
This mod has a lot of potential! Would love if the next update would allow them to pick up all items as well as pick up and wear equipment.
I love this addon, but I don't like how OP their trades are. I mean 30 diamonds for an elytra and 9 iron for a diamond is too OP for survival.
thanks for the feedback, i will update it
Honestly, 30 diamonds for an elytra is a good trade! That's not even that OP. And plus, I don't want them to have horrible trades like villagers' trades! But now he's probably gonna update the addon to be like 10 diamonds for 1 ender pearl! And that's a really bad trade, even you can admit!
Wkwk sabar bang namanya aja anak kecil