New Super Mariocraft [16x16] (1.16+ Compatible)

This is an update for the New Super Mariocraft Texture Pack by SuprD and previously updated/ported to newer versions by AngryCreeper634. While long overdue, the pack now supports 1.16+ and with that bring new content to enjoy. See more in the changelog. 

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If you see any bugs or things that you think are broken or shouldn't be there please report them in the comments and I will try my best to fix them quickly. 

Now, onto the actual changes with this update 


Added custom sounds for Zombie (Koopa Troopa). 

Updated textures for Coloured Beds. 

Textures added for Shulkers and Shulker Boxes. 

Updated textures for Chests, Trapped Chests, Chests when attached to a Donkey and Chests when in a Minecart. 

Fixed Flowing Water textures. 

Textures added for Seagrass, Coral, Kelp, Dried Kelp Blocks (but not the Kelp and Dried Kelp items) and Sea Pickles. 

Textures added to Bamboo and the Bamboo Item. 

Slight update to Stained Glass textures. 

Textures for all Crimson Forest related items and blocks have been added along with textures for Shroomlights. 

Textures for Piglins and Piglin Brutes have been added. 

Textures for the Bell have been added. 

Updated textures for End Stone along with new ones for Purpur Bricks, End Stone Bricks, Chorus Plants and the Ender Crystals. 

Ender Chests now have textures. 

Armour Stands now have textures. 

All Signs now have textures (excluding Warped Signs). 

Changed Painting textures, there is now one representing Mario Odyssey. 

Campfires now have textures. 

All Soul Fire items and Soul Fire itself have textures. 

Updated Nether Brick textures, along with  the Cracked and Chiseled versions. 

Bottled Dragons Breath now has a texture. 

New textures for Dark Oak, Spruce and Birch Doors. 

Updated textures for the Hopper. 

Lanterns now have textures. 

All 3 Command Blocks now have textures, including Command Block Minecarts. 

New textures for Nether Wart. 

Textures added for Mutton. 

Textures added for all Prismarine related blocks and items. 

Textures added for Pigstep disc. 

Textures added to Berries and Berry Bushes. 

Textures added to Suspicious Stew. 

Textures added to the Villager work blocks such as Barrels, Blast furnaces, Lecterns, ect. 

New Ice textures, Blue Ice included. 

Updated Snow Covered Grass texture. 

Concrete Powder, Concrete and Glazed Terracotta now have textures. Along with updated brighter textures for Wool and Stained Terracotta. 

Updated textures for Double Grass and Double Fern. 

Updated textures for End-Frames and Ender Eyes when in an End Frame.

Wither Rose now has a texture.

Updated textures for the top of Logs and Stripped Logs. 

Textures added for Magma Blocks. 

New Observer textures. 

Textures added for Scaffolding. 

New textures for Wet Sponge. 


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i was looking for something like this for a long time(also you should update for the new stuff in the 1.17/1.16 betas.)(and make drip stone icecicles)
Amazing. The one issue I have is how Netherite items are still on Minecraft's default textures but I'm sure that can be worked on. Some blocks don't have the textures which slightly breaks the emersion, but OH. MY. GOD. I love the Yoshi-horse, it's what I love the most in this resource pack!!
Thank you!! I put some work into restoring the Yoshi horses so I'm happy to see them get recognition. As for the default textures, they will all one day get textures but that's unfortunately just a matter of when. Still, i appreciate the positive comment :D
Oh Wait NeverMind
it acts like im using a demo version of minecraft everytime i use this pack
When Will 1.16 update come?
Texture pack use to work, but for some reason, ever since the 1.16 Update, it wont let you load into the worlds with it applied
it didnt even work this sucks
Can you make it for beta
Hey do you have any plans on updating this??
Guest-2837455072 May 28, 2020 at 4:09 am
Sound Effects Please. Also Behaviors. And Add Boo, Whomp, Thwomp, Cheep Cheep, Deep Cheep, Eep Cheep, Chain Chomp, Toadette, Nabbit, And Lakitu.