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Published on March 29, 2021 (Updated on April 18, 2021)

NEWB Shader v0.7b (Early Access)

A Shader created by a CG Artist.

This Shader focuses on improving the existing vanilla shader to look more realistic without ruining the existing gameplay or sacrificing performance.

This is an Early release (sixth), so bugs are expected.

Only for Android and iOS MCPE (uses OpenGL ES)

MC Windows 10 Edition not supported (uses DirectX and the new Renderdragon engine)

Any Feedback is appreciated!

Supports both MCPE 1.14/1.16


  • New sky
  • Smooth clouds
  • Smooth shadow from top
  • Torch lighting
  • Torch glow
  • Nether Shading
  • New water
  • Fake underwater caustic
  • Fake underwater top refraction
  • Water surface wave
  • Leaves, vines, grass wave 
  • Wheat, Carrot, Beetroot wave
  • Lava wave
  • Underwater kelp wave
  • Optimised misty fog
  • Rainy sky recolored
  • Rainy wet surface
  • Rainy wind blow
  • Entity edge glow
  • Tone mapping
  • Some texture changes
  • Settings file for customisation


  • The following screenshots were taken on 0.7.6b
  • The following screenshots were taken on 0.7.5b
  • The following screenshots were taken on 0.7.3b
  • The following screenshots were taken on 0.7.0b

Recommended settings:

  • Beautiful sky - on
  • Smooth shading - on
  • Clouds - on
  • Brightness - 100%


  • This shader won't cause a huge performance drop as most features are implemented in the vertex shader and are optimised.
  • If in case, the performance drop is huge, report it in the comments with discription of when it happens.


  • You don't have to be coding geek to do these :P, anyone can do it!

Warning : Making wrong chages in settings text files will cause shader to fail!

  • Customisations should be done after launching a world in mcpe.
  • Launch a file explorer while MCPE runs in the background.
  • Navigate to the following location

/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/NEWB Shader v07b/shaders/glsl/settings/

  • Two files - main_settings.txt & renderchunk_settings.txt are available for customisation.
  • Open it using a preferable text editor and make your changes. (Backup recommended)
  • Make sure to save the txt file to see changes.
  • Now open MCPE to see changes.
  • Read readme.txt for more info


  • End dimension not supported
  • Nether shading fails in MCPE 1.16
  • Night vision not supported


  • Currently this shader is only tested on Android (pie)
  • Device used for development and testing - Redmi 8A


  • This shader is created by VeteranDev
  • The codes are commented for developers interested in checking the codes.


  • Bugs can be reported in the comments or sent to my Instagram id.
  • Make sure to specify details such as MCPE version, OS, device name, and discription of the bug,
  • Suggestions are also welcome.


MIT License - check LICENSE in shader root directory.


  • DM me at Instagram:

Select version for changelog:

  • Some MCPE 1.16 porting.
  • Carrot, Wheat, Beetroot wave(1.16 exclusive)
  • New water detection
  • New sky model 
  • Sky reflection improvements 
  • Rain detection improvements 
  • Noise improvements 
  • Code optimizations 
  • Many bug fixes


MCPE 1.14 users should turn off "#define MCPE_NEW" in "main_settings.txt"

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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4.91 / 5 (11 votes)
if the cloud is not activated are there any transparent clouds ??
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Smooth clouds appear only when "Fancy Graphics" and "Clouds" are enabled
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dont listen to eme April 21, 2021 at 2:39 pm
i found a bug where the underwater lights there when its night
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I'm sorry, can you explain it a bit more..
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Anyone know how to fix invisible shader?
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If the world appears invisible, it's usually caused due to some unsupported or possibly wrong codes in renderchunk.fragment or renderchunk.vertex. I'm not sure whether you are referring my shader here. If my shader causes this, just reply.
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dont listen to eme April 20, 2021 at 10:30 am
its so advance at it first stage hope it gets even better
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This shader fascinates me! I hope that in future updates they will fix some small bugs, and add more Optimization.
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ok, after using it for a while (4 hours) I discovered 2 small bugs, the entities look shiny in the shadows that are close to the light, and the composters suffer from the wave effect like the leaves and plants
But still it's a gem of a shader, good job
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I will update the entity shader in the next release. Although it won't be completely fixed because of how mcpe works :/
Compositer waves? I will check into it
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w10 sapport plz
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I really don't plan to create a Win 10 edition of this shader because I really don't know how shaders work with the new renderdragon engine.
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the shader is pretty good, but mcpe doesn't cooperate with the performance it currently handles
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im using mcpe 1.16.220 on my ipad 6th generation (2018), and there are huge black things in the sky, the ground is overexposed, and somehow wherever I go, the lighting level goes up :/, as if I was holding a torch that gives off dynamic light ;-; can you pls fix this? this shader is the best one that I like so far (/*^*)/
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1. The huge black thing in the sky: I think it's the noise function's problem( I can fix that ). To confirm that it's the same, check the water bump - does it look flat? (excluding the chunk border)
2. As for the other problems, I have no idea why it happens! But I'll check into it. :)
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If you want i can send the screenshots to your email i have the photos of the bugs
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why is the water green now ;-;
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Make sure to disable any other active packs. The 0.7.6 update uses the G value in biomes_client.json for the water lightness. If somehow the water detection fails (usually due to other texture packs), the water would appear greenish. :/ If you don't have other active resource pack and the problem still persists, reply.
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Seems like it was the fault of water detection. Try the 0.7.7 update. It's fixed there
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Gimme the 1.16 one
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I have tested the shaders at 1.16.210, they are still working
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Why is some of the water "ketchup" i dont wanna say that word idk if ill get banned
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Nvm it was a texture pack i had
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The 0.7.5 update changes the water color in biome_client.json. It's reddish because only the R value is done till now. This value is used to interpolate between different biomes within the shader. (namely marshy, fresh, sea water colors, which are specified in the customisation file). Using a texture pack somehow ruined the water detection and interpolation, that's why it appeared reddish. I guess my shader doesn't support other texture packs?
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Shaders nice cant wait for it to be in 1.16 i just love the aesthetic
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I and you commented on the same day (the shader is too bright on 1.14.50)
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Hmm.. intresting, Does it look too bright compared to these screenshots? Anyways I will decrease the brightness by one third in the 0.7.5 update :)
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