Published on February 12, 2024 (Updated on February 11, 2024)

Niel's Culinary, THE RETURN (V1.0)

There were rumors that Niel's Culinary would be toast, but here we are again in the game with the NEW 1.0 VERSION!

It's worth remembering that you can read about the news in a chosen language below, but you can also skip directly to the download part (I know you're excited ;D)

But I also need to say that reading about the new features if you don't yet know the addon completely will be very important, take the time to read about them, it will be quick, I promise!

Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed a lot of bugs;
  • Added cucumber and olive + new resources;
  • Added new machine, the grill + new resources;
  • Added new mob trader + mini-lore;
  • Added new dishes + new resources;
  • Added new mechanics for collecting mugs and cups;
  • New features for knives and spice pots;
  • Some retextured items;
  • Structures that appear around the world will now not modify the terrain around them.


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I can't download the mod
Does it need experimental mode?
I've have spent 2 hours trying to get to the next step of making coffee. So far I have it in a tin. But I can't figure out how to open it. Which machine do I use?
This comment has been removed
So a lot of some of the textures, the Tins for example, they all look the same. Could you possibly color code the textures so that it's easier to tell them apart? Also, the furnace block only faces one direction which makes it harder to decorate with it.
El congelador de helados me aparece invisible. :(
no se si es un error pero la cazuela no se pone en las dos direcciones sino en una solamente, y las estufas tambien
this mod is EXTREMELY well done and i love it, especially since its one of the few that works in realms, but may i ask you to make a more detailed guide going over everything in this mod? not much is clear like the uses of certain stations or all the potential options on how you can obtain everything beyond just the traders, so a detailed guide going over everything would be nice.

still, amazing work on this, its really simple but nice!
eu acho que esse mod poderia ter mais ilustrações para atrair a atençao necessária
Eu vou levar essa sugestão para a próxima atualização hehe