Published on September 15, 2022

Nissan GTR R-35 LB Performance Kit

The Performance Kit for the Nissan GTR R-35 was created by Liberty walk, and is now one of their top bodykits. As you would expect, it widens the car, as well as using the massive wing on the back and lip on the front to increase downforce. All together, it brings a new level of style to the R-35.

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Hi thanks for sharing. If I can make some suggestions please. In your en_US.lang file inside texts folder in RP folder. You have for e.g: GTR R35 (White)§l§6Crouch or jump to exit vehicle.

You need: GTR R35 (White)§l§6Crouch or jump to exit vehicle.

For the hint to show correctly on vehicle entry. You need to append whiteblack to r35. Also for your drive & hit sounds to play you need a sounds.json file in your main RP folder which has your custom sounds for the entity "hurt" & "step" events. Otherwise only the default sounds are playing when you drive or hit the vehicle. E.g. sprinting sound. Refer to your code source for further detail. Finally you have an extra space in your RP pack folder name, which makes it appear out of alphabetical order. Nissan GTR R35 RP.

Nissan GTR (exra space here) R35 RP.

No big issue but I picked it up. Hope I helped...