Published on August 13, 2019

No Player Names Addon

Have you ever wanted to play minigames with your friends but there's always that one guy who keeps name tags on? Well now you don't need to worry! No player Names has you covered.


  • No player names.mcaddon

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pls update for 1.16.2
Please update this, I really want to use this but since it is only compatible with 1.13, I can't use this.

Also thank you for making this!
Ummmm you guys know you can go to settings and literally change game mode from creative to survival right?
I mean put names off
yea but a friend of mine and me he was visiting we was playing minecraft I turn off name tags but when I come to talk to my friend in his screen he can see my nametags but i cant see his this is kinda why we need this addon because we don't want people finding our bases by looking our names but we turn it off by settings
When I download it would not give it
Hmm... I have a Google pixel 1 and it won't let me get add-ons for Android 10.. somebody help please I need to test this for my server!
5 Stars Cause Its Cool And Useful!
Works as intended if you say this is useless because you can just do a command that was removed in the better together update AND if you say its useless because theirs a setting to disable in settings that is a local thing and is not world wide witch means everyone world have to disable it for noone to see it and than they can cheat and not take it off sorry for bad english its not my first language
Is this a resource or behaviour pack
Just turn off in game player names in video settings.
Also, the thumbnail is horrible and misleading, because you can’t see your own name REGARDLESS, and the other guy is crouching. They removed the feature where the name is slightly visible when crouching.
You are kidding, right? Did you even read the description at all? Do you even understand this mod's entire purpose? Sometimes, you want nobody to see name-tags regardless of whether they are crouching. Turning off name-tags in video settings ONLY effects you. All it takes is 1 person to not turn it off to ruin whatever you where trying. This mod prevents that entirely. I don't know how this is hard to understand. Please look into something more before leaving a review next time.
It’s good however I can still see people on maps
Does the work for the Xbox version on minecraft bedrock and also is it a behaviour or resource pack or both ?
thanks now i can play UHC with my friends without worrying about people cheating
/gamerule showplayernames false
The command was removed for some reason, I think when the better together update was released
Isn't this a setting in game now tho?
Yes, But also no. If you are the only one who doesn't want to see player names, yes; but if you are playing with other people and you don't want them to see anyone else's, then no.