Published on August 01, 2021

Nuketown Hide 'N' Seek

NUKETOWN HIDE 'N' SEEK V1.0this map is a 1:1 scale map of Nuketown created by Burkey and the team in a Minecraft mesa biome with a slight twist. its specifically made as a hide and seek map, you can have 2-8 players in this map but we may release a java version one day which has the capability to hold a lot more than 8 players!. we started creating this map back in April of 2020 but its been a slow but fun production. there is a texture pack for realistic painting that is used in this map but I'm unsure who created it, so I take no credit for the brilliant paintings used (although they are very good), only the build itself.special thanks to the team who helped me create this map. (Jacc, John and Big Dil)Checkout my YouTube channel: 


this map includes 5 buildings as well as a construction site, forest, maze, bunker, sewers and many, many cool Easter eggs for you to find :). you can find these Easter eggs scattered around the map, when you find them click the button to confirm your find. this adds abit of a challenge to the hide 'n' seek as it provides tasks to do while trying to hide from the seeker(s). to enter and exit the sewers is abit tricky to do. getting down is easy, but getting out can be hard, to do this you must climb the ladder while aiming your crosshair onto the button so it opens the trapdoor. once you get used to it its easy but it takes some getting used too.

as well as the sewers there are teleporters scattered around the map which can help hiders move around, or doom them to get caught. it depends on your luck.

as well as this there are command blocks which allow you to change the time in game from day to night as well as multiple others in the spawn lobby. the main rules for playing this hide 'N' seek is that you enable adventure mode and turn player name tags off, this can be done by going into the pause menu - settings - video and turn in-game player names off. this greatly improves the gameplay and makes it more of a challenge for the seekers as well as the hiders. once a seeker punches the hider they join the seeker team, once in the seekers team you must wear your leather helmet which can be obtained in the spawn area. the game ends when all hiders are found and the last person to be found becomes the seeker in the next round.

to return to the spawn area there are buttons on the Nuketown sign next to the main blue house, click them and you will be returned to the main area. if you have any unwanted items in your inventory there is a clear inventory button in spawn as well as ones to give you a leather helmet and a spyglass.

the sewers are dim lit so easy to hide in, but in a chase with a seeker can be a scary and dangerous area to hide, do you risk it for the biscuit, or play it safe. thats unto you to decide. this map allows for multiple hiding spots and visible areas which are hard to get to, but rewarding when you do. these include high spaces like roofs and the power lines, or a few secret hiding spots which we'll leave for you to find yourself :)




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Maps sick, keep up the good work, and thank you for the mediafire link :)
no problem, glad you enjoyed it :)