Oak Tree Parkour by PaperScentedRat

The theme for this map is parkour. It is my 2nd parkour map as I made Plank Tower Parkour. There are 58 stages in total of the parkour. Firstly, you'll spawn in a fairy-like cave. The cave has amethyst, dripstone, mini mushrooms, and a pond surrounded by flowers and grasses. To get to the parkour, you'll have to make it through by jumping on the lilypads. The water doesn't kill you, just keep going if you fall to the water. You'll go under the bridge with glow berry plants under the bridge, it's beautiful isn't it? I also added mushrooms as decorations to not make it look dark. And there you have it, the entrance to the start. At the end, the last stage will be on top of the giant tree. Where the jungle tree is surrounded by bamboos and a glass as a barrier. Once you finally reached the top, you'll see 4 gold plates. Just step in, and wait to be teleported to the finish room. The finish room is also fairy-like, just like the lobby. Except that it has trees in it.

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-Added mushrooms next to the finish room

-Added trees in the finish room section.

-Updated the last stage to make it easier

-Added title command in the finish room.



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