Omega Blade 1k PVP Texture Pack

This Pack has Been made because I have Reached 1K subs on My Main channel

This Pack is made for PvP And To Boost your Fps As well as Skills, the Pack makes you feel Pro and Become Pro Becouse Textures Are Very motivating the main colour of the texture pack is RED

In this Pack we have made cleaner swords, and have improved look of armour, all items in images below Have More textured And powerful Look. the cubemap had clouds already so this allows you to turn on render clouds and has an even smoother game. new bow animation included aswell *suprise*

If you scroll down to the last image, it's all the gui ingame, as you can see there is a new  texture for buttons on mobile, hearts and hunger bars have been improved aswell.

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#1 Added appropriate linkvertise download link which takes you straight to MediaFire 

#2 Added Extra Glint to Enchantments & Made Stick More Realistic




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My FAV PvP Pack :D
Can you make a blue version of this texture pack?
it does not work for 1.14 pls fix
Honestly, even though a lot of people probably see this and ignore it, this is actually something I’ve been wanting, thank you.