Published on June 21, 2023 (Updated on May 17, 2024)

One Piece Wano's Flower Capital v1.2

Step into the enchanting world of Minecraft and behold the beauty of the Flower Capital of Wano! This extraordinary build captures the essence of the iconic Wano Country from the popular series One Piece. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking city adorned with cherry blossom trees, traditional Japanese architecture, and vibrant gardens. Each meticulously crafted detail, from lantern-lit streets to bustling marketplaces, invites you to explore and indulge in the rich culture of Wano. Get ready to embark on a captivating adventure as you witness the awe-inspiring artistry and immerse yourself in the wonders of this virtual marvel.

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Fixed texture glitches on buildings and landscapes, ensuring that everything in the Flower Capital looks as vibrant and detailed as Oda's masterpiece.

Fixed various navigation issues where players would get stuck or encounter invisible barriers, ensuring a smoother exploration experience throughout Wano's Flower Capital.

Added new ambient sounds and visual effects to bring the Flower Capital to life, immersing players in the vibrant culture and bustling energy of Wano.


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This doesn't work, please dont install this and look at reviews!
pack 1 spawned me at a forest in the middle of no where
It says there is no installable files for me, can you please fix that?