Published on May 02, 2024 (Updated on May 22, 2024)

OP Craft Tools

Ever dream of conquering Minecraft with god-tier gear at your fingertips? This is your chance! The OP Craft Tools map throws you into a world where survival takes a backseat to pure, unadulterated domination  

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*What's new 


New Enchantment tools Levels:

  • Axes:
    • Efficiency V & VI: Chop down trees at lightning speed! These top-tier efficiency levels let you clear forests in record time.
  • Shovels:
    • Efficiency V & VI: Unearth hidden treasures and clear paths faster than ever with these boosted shovel enchantments.
  • Hoes:
    • Efficiency V & VI: Till your fields in a flash with these top-tier efficiency levels.


General Changes:

  • Balanced tool durability to accommodate the new enchantment levels.
  • Minor bug fixes from the map
  • Mob spawn rate changed to normal from hardcore 

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Hello, can these items be obtainable in survival? Or only with the premade world?
i mean if you want to be invincible play peaceful mode...
like every teenager does : get the addon, launch the game, look at the gear, kill a zombie and then never play this addon again because when it's too easy there is no fun...
how did you even get this item and how did you make it so the bedrock mining limit is 0 and thier is no deepslate did you update to old version and re updated or this is a old version world updated to new version???
Good concept, but badly executed. First of all, knockback 3000 or punch 1000 is useless. Second, why no channeling tridents (but only add loyalty 3 b/c otherwise it will disappear)? Also fortune 1000 just lags your game. Add silk touch pick too. Finally, maybe add edited villagers to trade OP items.