Published on October 16, 2021 (Updated on March 03, 2022)

Ore Detector 1.18+

Have you ever wanted to find diamonds, ancient debris, and other types of Ores easily? Well then this addon is for you! This Addon adds items that can detect Ores up to 250 blocks deep below you!

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Addon Changes

  • Now Supports 1.18!
  • Added a new item (Level 3 Ore Detector). The Level 3 Ore Detector can detect Ores from 200 blocks deep to 250 blocks deep below you!
  • Added a new item (Level 3 Eyeless Ore Detector).
  • Removed a Crafting Recipe.
  • Added New Crafting Recipes.
  • Fixed minor bugs and issues.


MCPEDL Changes

  • Changed Featured Image.
  • Added 1.18 to "Supported Minecraft Versions".
  • Added 1.18.10 to "Supported Minecraft Versions".
  • Added New Gifs.
  • Added New Screenshots.
  • Updated the "How To Craft" section.
  • Changed the "How to Use" Gif.
  • Changed the "How to upgrade Level 1 Ore Detector to Level 2 Ore Detector" Gif.
  • Changed "Notes" to "Notices".
  • Updated "Notices".
  • Made a small change in the "Brief Introduction" section.
  • Changed the "How to Download" section.
  • Added a Video Link.


Upcoming Changes

  • The Level 3 Ore Detector will detect Ores from 201 Blocks deep to 300 Blocks deep below you.
  • "Notices" will be updated.
  • The "How to Craft" section will be more organized.
  • I probably won't be including "MCPEDL Changes" anymore in future "Changelogs".



  • Ore_Detector_V5_BP.mcpack (73.79 KB)
  • Ore_Detector_V5_RP.mcpack (8.38 KB)

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Not sure this has much value... if you can’t detect forward you can’t find what your looking for... also... it should give you either a distance away or list coordinates for ore.. otherwise you can’t really find any
Only downwards, it would be great if it works forward as well, So that it can dig forward. It is dangerous to dig downwards.
great suggestion! I'll try adding that in the future
PLEASE MAKE more stuff like this, like maybe a grappling hook just some things that would make survival fun and better
I'm pretty sure there's already an addon like that somewhere
is it compatible with any addon
this addon does not use the player.json file so it's compatible with almost every addon
Subscribe2LifeOfNovaPls January 26, 2022 at 3:23 pm
Hey man I rlly like your addon. I rlly want to do a video on it as well. If you want me to tho you can just reply or comment in one of my other videos. Don't worry imma shout you out and everything. I will also put your social media in the description. My discord is LifeOfNovaYT#5689 and ye. See ya soon!!!
it wont let me craft the ore detector
did you activate "Holiday Creator Features"?
cool addon. I suggest that creating a level 2 detector should include a level 1 detector instead of an end eye