Published on November 02, 2021 (Updated on November 01, 2021)

Outlined Ores!

Outlined Ores! Ores are HARD to found especially diamonds. I Made These Texture Pack so its easy to find ores like diamonds! Outline Colors depend on the Ore's ColorBlack - Coal Ore & Iron OrePink - Redstone OreBlue - Diamond Ore Green - Emerald Ore Violet - Ancient Debris Yellow - Gold Ore 

          Outlined Ores!

These is the Reason why this texture pack is USEFUL:

Without Texture Pack:

With Texture Pack:


Here are some examples on the other Ores:


I hope you enjoy the texture pack! 

Select version for changelog:


Changed the link of linkvertise because some of them are suspicious links



Download the File, Click it, Then Click "Import to Minecraft" & It will automatically get imported on you Minecraft


Enjoy! :) 







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I love this so much it is really easy to find ores. And to the person Legendary Creeper who gave it a one star because you are having issues with linkvertise is really stupid of you. If you dont know to use linkvetise just youtube it.
Please remove Linkvertise or make a unique or special Pack.