Published on CurseForge June 19, 2024 (Updated on July 21, 2024)

Overgrown |A Nature Overhaul Texture Pack For Bedrock Edition

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V1.0.3 Fixed the bugs introduced in Minecraft 1.21:

  • fixed the texture and variants of short grass

  • fixed the texture and variants of tall grass

  • fixed the texture and variants of ALL tall flowers

  • Added a new item texture for short grass

  • Added a new item texture for tall grass


  • Overgrown Texture Pack (All Files).mcaddon (410.46 KB)
  • OvergrownTP1.0.3.mcpack (256.41 KB)
  • OvergrownMP(Better Leaves).mcpack (126.19 KB)
  • OvergrownMP.mcpack (116.79 KB)

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Как же это шикарно дополняет мир
I cant install better leaves pack automatically like the other 2 in the mcpedl app. pls fix thanks
Realmente una textura que destaca del resto, cada detalle es echo con cariño, felicito a los creadores por esta increíble textura.
se ocupa Minecraft patch?
uso la versión 1.21.10 y se ve todo genial me encantó el efecto de la tierra,las rocas, las flores, calabazas, zanahorias,y los troncos están geniales la textura de la madera es el mejor que he instalado y se descargo directo al MC gracias este detalle sigan así h y las enredaderas en los arboles
Great addon btw and also can you make the leaves more bushier like the ones in java if you would, Thanks
Brother, you can add a separate pack with the block designs of this pack, I didn't find it among your creations. I mean the stone and grass blocks, where do you add details . I would really love a separate package from this one with just the blocks
Hi, can you put more images and information? Thanks
só n gostei da cor da folhas
Can I just take the dirt and trees?
josethomas197819411111 June 30, 2024 at 11:12 pm
funciona realmente?