Overworld Netherite V2

Are you tired of searching the netherite in the nether? Then this is for you. This addon don’t add only a new “ore” in the overworld but add also the crying obsidian a “special” block and more 😉

This addon add at the diamond height a new ore the Netherite ore

if you mine this ore it drops to you 3 netherite nuggets

The netherite nuggets are important for all the rest of the addon if you don’t find the netherite ore you can’t do anything

However with 9 of netherite nuggets you can make the fake netherite block

with this block you can make the netehrite ingot but you also need 3 gold ingot 2 gold nuggets and 4 netherite nuggets

This is not so expensive 😁

But we don’t have only these items

There is crying obsidian too

for make it you need one gold ingot, flint and stell, obsidian  and 2 netherite nuggets

you can’t do much with the crying obsidian but you can decorate portals

this is a trivial example

There is another block but is special

It’s name is Crying Netherite you can make it but you need a new nugget,  The crying obsidian nugget you can get it by destroying the crying obsidian

now for make the Crying Netherite you need one of this nuggets and 8 netherite nuggets

We have also the lava ore you can break it only with the netherite pickaxe

It drops a new type of ingot the Lava Ingot

For now you can do only the lava block but in the future you can see also weapons and armors of lava 😉

But there is another ore the Irold ore

Yes it’s a mist of the iron and of the gold ore it’s drops to you the irold ore

With 9 of irold ore you can do the Irold block

If you destroy it, it drop to you 4 iron ingots, 4 gold ingot and 1 irold ingots 

But we have an another ore the ender pearl ore

It drops to you 3 ender pearl

Guys this is my first addon i hope you like it. For now it’s not much

Bye 😉


Use this addon in a video and credit me

Use the mcpedl link for the addon


Use this addon in a video and don’t  credit me

Use the direct link for the addon


download the version 1.16 (Beta) or more

Active the experimental gamplay

Changelog View more

Added 3 new ores

Added 2 new items

Added 5 new block

Modified Netherite ore texture

Modified freatured image for abetter view of the addon

Changed featured image for a better vision of the addon 

I add Crying Obsidian

Crying Obsidian Nuggets

Crying Netherite

And i modified all the textures


Click the file


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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13 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Guest-1764834968 says:

    irold ore…? why… just why… I am a very cool Pokémon and that… that is just… I mean, what even is it? it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m an Eevee btw

  2. Guest-6680356431 says:

    Netherite in overworld is good idea but.Irold ore?Ender pearl ore?Stupid idea.Why not dirt ore?(sorry)

  3. FrostyLegend1029 says:

    This is one of the smartest addons I have seen, but I’m confused why the blocks replace some type of ice…

  4. Guest-8067878958 says:

    hiw to download it on android
    btw i got netherite set at my version of my minecraft i only need irold and crying obsidioan but i got crying obsidian at computer

  5. Guest-8941945766 says:

    How do you even install 1.16 I am in 1.14 right now

  6. Guest-5088225017 says:

    Too off topic the rest of the things arent related to netherite and this also is a bit useless

  7. Guest-6219255851 says:

    Good very good

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