Are you a space lover? This texture pack changed all the default paintings into space pictures from But that’s not enough, This texture pack is a 512x HD texture pack! It makes the paintings look more comfortable.

My bilibili channel: 秋寂菌又自闭了

This is the kz.png picture, included seven 1×1 paintings, five 2×1 paintings, two 1×2 paintings, one 4×2 painting, six 2×2 paintings, two 4×3 paintings, and three 4×4 paintings.

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Added two external links (Mediafire) on the website and one on the apps.

Sorry everybody, but I have no idea why you guys can not import the texture pack because the texture pack can import successfully on my device. So I provide you another link to download a zip file, you can try to import the texture pack by unzipping the zip file to the texture pack folder called resources_packs. If you can't find this folder, try to change the storage location into External and try again. You can change your storage location in Minecraft > Settings > Profile. :P

Have a nice day!


Hope you like it!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)



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13 Responses

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  1. Guest-9483466134 says:

    Fake it’s just photos of random people!

  2. Guest-8704516791 says:

    Una mierda, aunque cargue el puto código las pinturas se ven negras

  3. Guest-7906597248 says:

    how do u do this?

  4. Theliuermihou says:


  5. William20o9 says:

    I can’t get a ZIP file because me device can’t handle mcpacks

  6. Guest-4014162190 says:

    keeps telling me failed to import, not a valid zip file.

  7. Guest-2074005125 says:

    keeps telling me failed to import, not a valid zip file.

  8. Roxtro says:

    Perfect! , it’s amazing!
    ¡Perfecto! , ¡es asombroso!

  9. Guest-2830472812 says:

    me encanto

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