Parkour Academy!

Can't jump in Minecraft? Don't you want to be a noob until the end of your minecraft days? If so, you've come to the right place.

Learn to jump today. At the Parkour Academy in Minecraft! Parkour Academy is a map created for players unable to jump parkour in minecraft! The map contains several levels! Each level is a new lesson. In this parkour you will learn to jump 360°, on slime blocks and even jump on the heads. Of course, minecraft heads :D

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Description corrected. There were errors there.

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Guest-8169193620 May 19, 2020 at 7:11 pm
i want to try ur map but it says import failed and i already try pasting the map in my minecraft world file inside my games folder but still nothing happens hope you'll help me i still gave u 5 star i really love parkours even if im in pe ver. u can call me an amateur LoL but i want to improve more hope your map works!
Really grat map!!!! the last level is a Little bit difficult.
Everything works fine, check once if you have unpacked the file in mcworlds. If the problem appears once more, write
does anyone know why it says level import failed, but doesn't show any errors
Do you set you have access to worlds from memory. You can only select access to worlds saved in the game
It's can't export, i have 1.14.60
Hmm, try it again. Everything works for me
Check if the file is placed
in the minecraftWorld folder
Hi again. I would like to inform you that the improved version of the map is already available. Thanks for over 100 shares in a few hours.
⚠️ Hi. After sending this map, I saw saving respawn points works badly. I have already repaired and waiting for administrators to confirm this version of the map. I also put in the missing block at level 4.
19/4/20 ⚠️
Thanks for this map
There is a block missing and the spawnpoint is messed up in level 4. Good Map
So I noticed it should be published soon corrected version :D
The map is a bit difficult for me especially the last level but the idea for 5+
A great map. At the last level you can see an error with saving the spawnpoint. It's good that you correct it
⚠️Hello. After sending this map I saw saving spawnpoints
works badly. I have already repaired and are waiting for the administrators to confirm this version of the map⚠️
Map is cool! I am waiting for the update, because at the last level spawnpoint is finally broken.